This is going to be stupid but...

  1. how do you pronounce Pochette?

    I know absolutely nothing about French and this has been killing me. I see it everywhere and I dont want to sound like an idiot when talking to an SA.
  2. i've always said "poo-shet" but always kinda wondered this too...
  3. i say "pouch-ette" i doubt thats right i have a terrible texan accent and i can not say anything correct haha.
  4. i say poh-SHET :yes:
  5. i think this is the right prounciation :yes:. the SA says it like this too.
  6. wow i was way off bleh
  7. dont feel bad. that's how i said it in my head, but i wasnt sure.
  8. haha thanks i always try not to attempt saying the names when i go into the boutique bc i dont want to sound dumb haha
  9. For the first time i can help !! :yahoo:

    Sorry if my english sounds weird but i'm a french speaking belgian girl (and was too shy to post replies until now)

    The right pronunciation is poh-shet (with a "short" "oh")

    If u need the pronunciation of an other word like ... mhh... batignolles or popincourt let me know :graucho:
  10. ^Yup, that's how I pronounce it too. One of the few I know how to pronounce..otherwise I to go the site and use demo trial thingy to see how they say it. Lol.