This is going to be a great's outlet haul!

  1. Holy cow - I am so excited!! I drove for eternity to check out the legacy stuff at the Iowa outlet and ended up with so much more!! :yahoo:

    I had been lusting for a leather coat (not even necessarily Coach) for awhile. Well, they had a beautiful one at the outlet. I took one look at the price tag ($498) and thought no way. Then the SA was teasing me with the coat b/c he caught me eyeing it. He told me that it was marked down to $299 with an additional 30% off!!! So I got the coat ($209), the lozenge wool/cashmere scarf ($50) and a pair of leather/cashmere gloves ($50)!! Total retail on the set is around $800!!

    I also got a whiskey Legacy Ali Slim Flap ($200). I have been wishing for a whiskey bag but wanted a completey different style from my black '06 shoulder bag...the Ali is way too big, but this bag is the PERFECT size!!

    I also picked up the last three embossed apple key fobs for teacher gifts and a special surprise for my secret elfster buddy!! Combined with my awesome accessories from PCE, this is going to be a great Christmas!!
    IMG_0954.JPG IMG_0955.JPG IMG_0961.JPG
  2. goooorgeous!!!!! Congrats!
  3. Did you get a steal or what?! Good for you!
  4. Fabulous deals! Love the slim flap!!
  5. Good job girl!! I also bought an apple keyfob for my sons teacher:tup:
  6. FAB jacket!!!
  7. Thanks everyone!!

    I actually bought the new apple key fob during last PCE but much preffered last year's version. So the new one is going back!! The only bummer about my purchases is that I can't enjoy them until Christmas...I don't think I'm going to make it...
  8. Nice !!! :yes:
  9. wow congrats!!!
  10. everything you got it AMAZING!
  11. congratulations !

    us coach girls really know how to find some steals
  12. OOOOOO...I saw that jacket at my outlet and it is so divine...the leather is INCREDIBLY soft and did good!
  13. Nice deals!! Love the whiskey leather!!
  14. love it all, i have the apple fob and have yet to use
  15. Wow! Now that is an amazing haul.