This is getting CRAZY!

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  1. Hi everybody -

    Remember my high high heel birthday shoes? Well I did (finally) get pretty good at standing and walking in them but I think maybe I should not have worn them to work so much.

    We had a little gift exchange last friday and look at the heels the girls got for me this time! I just don't know how I am ever going to wear these to the office but I do so hate to return such an expensive Christmas gift!

    Any suggestions?


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  2. outch! that can not be healthy
  3. LOL what office do you work at? I would like shoes instead of a fruit basket.
  4. Yikes! I can't imagine wearing those heels on a daily basis. I think you only need one pair of high high heels. I'd exchange them for a pair of shoes you will enjoy wearing without the pain.
  5. ouch! i winced when i saw the picture. those would hurt me!
    if you can handle it, all the power to you!
  6. Wow I could never wear those, I would fall on my face.
    What kind of office allows you to wear crazy high heels? Do you work in a creative field?
  7. lol...half of me is laughing, and half of me is going "awwww"....just when you finally managed the last pair! eee...maybe it's time to give some indication that you aren't the most comfortable in such sky highs? seems like you're developing quite a reputation! i think if you keep seeming so comfy in them, they'll get the impression that it was such a great idea...and get you even more in the future....!!! :sweatdrop:
  8. HAHHAA i was thinking the same thing, I laughed when I saw those shoes, but then i was like aww..

    Idk.. your decision! I dont think they are practical at all, but hey are gorgeaus, but trade em in for more practical shoes!
  9. My back is starting to spasm just looking at your picture. Ow.
  10. Office? I thought you had a job at a department store?
  11. I work in customer service for a mfg company during the day and in the ladies footwear dept at Neiman Marcus nights and weekends (at least through the hoildays - but I hope they will hire me full time).
  12. They look like those fetish ballet boots!!! Ouch! Do you know what I'm talking about?
  13. Then what's left to consider?

    I'd never risk prolonged discomfort to substantiate a gift...
  14. Those shoes look more like a punishment than a gift!

    Let those girls you work with know how touched you are about the gift, but explain that you can't really afford the hip replacement sugery you'll need when you fall and bust you butt in those things. (ha ha)

    You should exchange them, but take the girls with you and make it a fun day.

  15. I agree!^^ :wtf: