This is getting crazy – Sloanes, WOVEN cockers, intrecciato satchels on ….

  1. Yes, bluefly. Plus an assortment of travel cases, venetas, portfolios, etc.
    Really, I don’t understand this. It’s great that these deals are available for BV lovers like us, but it’s also getting a little annoying. I mean, if I see my woven cocker (with the patent trim) on bluefly, I think I’ll scream.
    Anybody know why bluefly has so much BV stock? Also, I thought the Sloane is supposed to be sold out?
  2. Oh, unfortunately, I did see the woven cocker with the patent trim on Bluefly, in 2 different light colours, about 2 hours ago in fact!

    Yes, I too don't understand.... answers please!
  3. i dont know why....
    but i am with you chioapple... if i see my bags on there, i will scream too....
  4. HOW are they getting these bags??????
  5. I am wondering about that too. There was quite a lot of new inventory online today.
  6. I think we're all curious about where their inventory comes from. Some of the bags are in demand so where are they getting them to sell at discount?
  8. I'm impressed. I should have done the same but I ended up with two Sloanes -- brown and clay. I am assuming ebano and limo???
  9. ^^Good for you!!!:yahoo: :yahoo:

    If I hadn't gone on my acessories SPREE last week - i'd be getting another bag.

    Maybe if just the right one shows up...:roflmfao:
  10. I ended up with two little card holders last week. Definitely gonna hold on to one. Think the other may work well for my business cards. Fortunately they were only about $180 each.

    Your wallets are great.

    What would be the right bag for you???
  11. ^^Humm - a "knot" (dreaming to find this on bluefly) and/or maybe a lg. Veneta in ebano (or noche).

    Although I don't know if I should go with a different model, since my other BV bag is a Veneta...??
  12. WOW! Congratulations chigirl! I just purchased my very first BV bag from bluefly. It's a large Veneta! :yahoo: Hopefully it's authentic... :yes:
  13. You're really lucky! I had a light pink zip card wallet in my cart but by the time I checked out it was gone! :crybaby:
  14. LUCKY!!!!!!! I want that Brown Sloane so badly! The brown color is actually, Moro, which is a shade darker than Ebano. I hope you love it!!!
  15. ^^Ooooo - what color??!?!?