This is fun!

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  1. Not to brag, but I have some pretty nice bags, as I think we all do. Some of them were uber-expensive, some of them I dug up at TJ Maxx for less, but all of them lovely and different. :smile:

    Having said that, I have NEVER, EVER had so many people stop me to pet my handbag as I have in the last 3 days carrying this LAMB (Rasta Montego)!!! About half have been guys, who I didn't even think noticed that kind of stuff (I know my husband doesn't care!). One lady in my firm saw the bag this morning, and came back around 2 hours later wanting to know where to get one because she had to go find one. I think she's at Off 5th now.

    This is so much fun, watching people watching this bag! What a hoot!:lol:

    Now I want something in it wrong to want the exact same style (Montego) because I love this one so much?
  2. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!!!! I own THREE Marley Hills. I own FOUR Cyprus bags so that if I want to carry it there is no way it'll clash with my outfit.

    And I know exactly what you mean about the Rasta Montego...she's such a stunner!!!! I got hip to the Montego game kinda late....if I'd known then what I know now, I'd have more than one!!! Now I'm trying to decide if I'll buy a Bullseye on sale or wait for that new Ombre Green. I think I might like it in a Montego.
  3. YAAAYY.. the rasta print is definitely attention grabber! and guys noticed it too?? that's a plus!!
    there's nothing wrong with wanting another montego.. i have 3 mandevilles.. :biggrin:
  4. ^ I have to agree and say there is nothing wrong with multiples of the same bag! Why fix it if it isn't broken? :P

  5. Yeah, GUYS!

    "NICE Bag"
    "Cool Bag"
    "That's wild! Is it new?"

    Too bad I'm not single, I could go trolling for men with this bag!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. what does the cyprus bag look like? i looked on the "L.A.M.B. Bag Style Names" and its not on there...
  8. Let me go find a's the small over the shoulder bag that has a similar shape to an LV pochette
  9. Here you go...a pic of the saddle from lamb collections
  10. oh ok ok...i have seen it, its like the size of the morant??? Thats way to tiny for me :yes:
  11. yeah it's about the same size.. different handles.. way too tiny for me too..
  12. Well the cyprus definitely cannot hold as much as the morant. In terms of height and width, I think the morant is just a liiiittle larger. I'm not much help, but knasarae sure would be!
  13. Actually the Morant holds twice as much as the Cyprus. They are both great little bags for days when you don't need to carry much, but on the other hand the Morant holds waaaay more than it looks like.

    The Morant holds all my essentials while the Cyprus makes me sacrifice a few things I don't have to have.