This is for you, Ninja Sue! (Mini Mini Kelly 15cm)

  1. I've posted pics of this baby (literally) before but lost all the pics when my HD crashed recently. So, as requested by our Ninja Sue (and with nothing better to do today) I took new pictures.

    Here's one of my beloved bags, a very tiny Kelly 15cm, a.k.a. Mini Mini Kelly. It's from 1993 and is made of black Box with gold hardware. It doesn't come with a clochette/tirette, padlock, and keys but it does come with a removable strap. Wouldn't it be awesome if it came with its miniature accessories, too? One day I'd love another in crocodile, like Demi Moore's. It's a pretty useless bag but makes a great conversation piece among Hermes collectors. I actually used it as a Christmas ornament last month! :p


    For scale, here it is against my Kelly 28 Guilloche.

    And sneaking in the Fuchsia because it's pretty with black.
    Fits in the palm of my hand!


    Lastly, a couple of modeling pics with and without the strap.
  2. It's so cute!!! :yahoo:
  3. Aww, so cute!
  4. Oh my! It's absolutely adorable with the strap!
    But more than anything, it makes me long for a little girl :crybaby:waah!
  5. Awww that is so freakin' adorable!!!
  6. I LOVE it!! :heart: Thats my kind of Christmas ornament!!
  7. SOOOO CUTE!! I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for posting pics, 24F!! You made my day!! btw, are the mini kelly's really hard to get?? Are they SO's only?? I really want one now over the JPG Kelly! Can my SA do a search for them in the system??? TIA!!
  8. OMG. It is so Cute!!!!!
  9. Aww what a munchkin!! Its so cute!!
  10. Adorable! Are they still making these?
  11. That is really cute worn messinger style. Could do with a LBD at a cocktail party. That would be a good way to have your hands free !
  12. AAAaahHHH!!! Here it is! I was desperately looking for that! :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

    I'm in love! OMG! OMG!

    Well, if you still think it's useless in a while...:rolleyes:
  13. I've been told by my H store that it can't even be SOrdered, is that true? Does anybody know for sure if it can be SOrdered?
  14. I LOVE IT! I would kill to have one of these!
    24, you have a true treasure!!!
  15. ^^^I love it, that is SO CUTE!! Want to *SQUEEZE IT*, but don't want to put a scratch on it:sad: