This is for die-hard Gucci fan

  1. OMG I TOTALLY want that for my new in love *swoons*.

    ...not.:rolleyes: It's actually cheaper than real furniture, perhaps someone should get it and then reupholster it.
  2. Whoa... I wouldn't have thought that using the fabric on a couch would have been good. In my opinion it'll start showing surface wear pretty quickly esp when there is another surface rubbing up against it.

    Good luck authenticating that! Lol.
  3. hahah it looks normal from far, but not so great when ya zoom in. *gags*
  4. :wtf:It's just as bad as the "LV" furniture. Yuck!
  5. wow! :nuts: not sure if i'd like to have this in my house, lol!
  6. wow wow wow!!! :amazed: great find bee!
  7. Good God..that is HORRIBLE!!!!! YUCK!!! :throwup:

  8. I'm sorry but to quote Jay Kyle from My Wife and Kids,"What the foolishness!?!" I love Gucci as much as the next girl( or guy) but this is kinda tacky and a little over the top. If it matches your decor, maybe, but this is just weird-looking!!!
  9. hahah thats SO funny....but the sad part is i think the chair would look REALLY cute in a huge walk in closet :smile:

    or if your a movie star the sofa....but NO WAY JOSE anywhere else BUT the closet!! maybe an obsessed teens room....nahhhh not even then!
  10. This reminds me of the monogram pants... overkill!
  11. :weird: its a bit loud for my taste...
  12. Oh my.
  13. wow i mean a pillow i would understand but a whole sofa?? eek. that round chair thing.. i regretfully agree with luvednotspoiled that it would look cute in a huge walk in closet. hahahhaha hehee...
  14. Hehe, that's hilarious! Do they have it in guccissima? I'm not sure who would buy it though...