This is fascinating to me

  1. I am in love with sharon stone and I knew she helped design a bag, but I didnt know that her name was imprinted on it and she spent over 4 years designing it?! Does anyone own this?


  2. I know that a few people on here own one. I can't remember who but I have seen them here.
  3. I just received it today - I love it!!! Of course, bought it previously loved. Nice size, and long strap. I have so many handhelds - especially in LV, that this is a nice antidote to them :tup:
  4. its a beautiful bag. she did a beauty case aswell.
  5. Bravo Sharon, she does so much for AIDS research, truly a giving person in that regard.
  6. Its a gorgeous bag!
  7. how cool. great bag.
  8. Hooray to Sharon!
  9. Wow that is news to me. Sharon is really an interesting, diversified woman.

  10. Indeed!:yes:
  11. Wow! I love that bag... when did she do this line..2000/2001?
  12. I'm not sure must be around that time because the patina on a lot of her bags are still in early stages? ;)
  13. Wow, that is so interesting, and I love that bag, very nice everyday style.
  14. Interesting. Gorgeous bag!