This is embarrassing, but what the hell.. I'll tell you all..

  1. My dog Bhobho, he is a maltese/shih tzu mix and he is 7. I adopted him since he was 8 weeks old. I got him in Melbourne when I was still at school, and when he was 3 I brought him back to Indonesia for good with me. When I was in Melbourne, we lived across the road from a vet. We always go there, to get him checked, groomed, boarding, etc. He was never happy when I sent him there, but it was only that.. pulling and screaming, but that was it.

    Then when we got to Indo he had developed a new habit! A gross, disgusting habit to say the least. Everytime we send him to the groomer (the groomer is 10 mins car ride) he poo at my car! :yucky: This is ONLY if we take him to the groomer. If we take him somewhere else, he never does this (btw, he :heart: car rides). It's like he can feel it if we're approaching the groomer, coz it always happen everytime we're like 2 mins away from there. It is soooo embarrassing and annoying.. one time I sent him there by myself and he pooed at my car when I was about to park the car. Then when he goes inside, he did it again! Luckily, the shop was empty! The shop keepers were understanding and all, but still, I nearly died of an embarrasment :shame: Everytime we take him there, we always gotta bring our "tools" in the car to clean up his act.

    It comes to the point where we all give up! Me, my mom and dad all give up on him. Finally, we just got another groomer who can do housecalls. He still hates it and would still crawl under the chair, but at least he prolly feels the safety of his own home, and the pooing stop.

    I :heart: my dog to death, but I swear that habit, I nearly kill him for that! :P
  2. Too funny! I'm glad you found a solution to his problem. :idea: He sounds like quite a character!
  3. Yes he is Melissa! LOL! We tried not feeding him in the morning before we take him to the groomer, but it still didnt work.

    But yeah, I'm glad the situation is resolved for now..
  4. LOL! poor baby! I'm glad you were able to find a solution though!
  5. ahhh it sounds like he was petrified of the groomer lol, or he wanted to tell you exactly what he thought of them!!! :biggrin:

    Dogs are put on this earth to embarrass us. Its the law ;)

  6. Me thinks so too.. for starter he hates being professionally groomed. He likes being groomed with me or my dad so he can protests here and there. With the pro groomers, he has to do what's told, no ifs and buts :lol: It's the spoiled dog in him talking..
  7. haha, i'm glad everything was settled at the end.
  9. LOL!! he really hates getting groomed, huh?? good thing u found a solution!
  10. Poor thing, he was, quite literally, sh:censor:g himself!

    Maybe they were too rough at the other groomers? I think you definitely made the right decision to get him groomed at home, so you can keep an eye on proceedings... :yes:

  11. I dont think that's the case, the groomer's shop is pretty open with glass walls so we can see our pets while being groomed inside. Oh, I forgot to tell you too that he also does this if we take him to the vet here in Indonesia.

    And yeah.. from now on it's housecall only.. both vet and grooming :yes:
  12. One of my dogs does the same thing (not in the car -- but either right outside the vet and groomer, or inside). I know that when he's scared/upset, he always does this, so I just expect it. The vet and groomer are used to this type of thing too -- especially with smaller dogs.
    I wouldn't worry about it. It is annoying, but it is not super abnormal.

  13. Oh I am so glad to hear this. I thought mine is the only one who does crazy things like this :lol: The groomer staff and the vet were being very nice about it too, especially the groomer staff. They were used to seeing me entering the shop ranting and cursing and going straight to their toilet to wash up, LOL :roflmfao: I guess my poor baby was very scared/upset, coz he never ever does this kinda thing if we take him somewhere else. He absolutely enjoy car rides and can just sense it if we take him to those 2 dreadful destinations :angel:
  14. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Dogs you gotta luv um.
  15. Aww Im so surprize your doggie knows hes going to the groomers!
    Hes very smart!!!!
    That is a little naughty habit of his but its pretty interesting!