This is embarassing...

  1. Okay, I apparently opened a photo of someone with her Ali bag at some point in the last day or so and now I cannot find the link to the original post that it came from. :shame: So I am posting the pic in the hope that someone can redirect me to the post. My question is what color is the Ali in the photo? Is this the brown? It looks too dark to be whiskey, but it's GORGEOUS! Here is the pic:

  2. i think so

    but honestly, i've seen super dark whiskeys

    and the lighting in that pic doesn't make it easy so =S
  3. ^Yeah, I think it's brown. It looks brown in the close-up photo.
  4. ^^So funny. I knew the name started with En...had to do a search.
  5. You're talking about my ali!!! Ya terrible lighting! I don't know how to do a link to post yet :shame: but I have a post "ali in brown" in better light. (I copied pic)

    I have to say after using this bag for a few days in a row, it is definately a more all around casual bag than my black and white, which can be dressed up. But I love it now! It's softer, sloucher, I am not as concerned about it (i still care!) as with the black and white. It has a different feel and attitude! I'm wondering if that's why everyone loves Ali in Whiskey!?!

    Oh! Big pic (how'd I do that?) and Thank you etenebris!
  6. :drool: :drool: :drool:

    entheos - that bag is GORGEOUS!!!! I'd love to snag one for the Macy's F&F. :yes:
  7. Great looking bag entheos, love your shoes too!
  8. entheos, I saw the brown Ali post and was loving that bag, now I know they are one in the same! And I have to say you are rocking that bag, too! I think you look fabulous! And now I must have one. :smile:
  9. Of all the brown colors, "brown" is my favorite!
  10. Okay, if it bad that I am looking at your kitchen instead of your bag?
    I love your kitchen!
  11. I saw the brown color up close yesterday at my Macy's. It's actually starting to grow on me!
  12. are too funny and yes I noticed the kitchen too and it is beautiful as well as the Ali.
  13. Thank you so much! I am really enjoying it! We just re-did it. My brave husband built the cabinets, took over a year to do! I did the glasswork (which I have never done before and will probably never do again!) We cut the cost about half of what would have been a $30K kitchen from HomeDepot. It's not a fun process, but it's worth it!
  14. I guess hardwork does pay off. It looks absolutely beautiful! As does the hardwood floor.