This is driving me nuts

  1. I know I saw this leather treatment somewhere in this subforum but I cannot find it again - please, what is this called and once we find it, can we move it to the Unique Weaving and Treatment Processes thread and I'll post again in the Reference thread for SLGs...

    This is a cosmetic bag and the photo is from an auction by Paris Station HI:

  2. So nobody is familiar with what this treatment is called? "rainbow ribbon" or what? Help, please...
  3. Ruche or ruching?
  4. Hmmm... I'll do a search for that... :heart:
  5. This treatment is from the Cervo Dune series from Cruise 2007-2008 collection. It was done on SLGs, Venetas and an oversized hobo -- all in deerskin.

  6. TDL :salute::rochard::rochard: and finally, :heart: :heart:
  7. I know, isn't she great? (rhetorical question). I'll copy the pics to treatment. Thanks for the info...both of you.

    ETA: I see TDL just put the treatment in! Thank you.
  8. You're most welcome, indiaink! I see you love your cervos! They leather's great and quite hardy. I only have one cervo bag (my Mosaico Veneta) and it's aged quite well.

    jburgh - awwww, you're too kind :flowers:
  9. OMG. I am laughing so hard. I was in Michael's last night buying stuff to jazz up my Christmas wreath and saw the "duck tape" brand in many colors, including Barbie pink. I'm still kicking myself though for not buying the camouflage duct tape we saw in BHV in Paris a couple of years ago. Still can't find this in the US. If I do before Xmas, it will be DH's stocking stuffer.