this is driving me crazy...

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  1. Ever since I let the gold sloane go (had already spent too much at that stage, I've been dreaming about a gold bag from BV, particularly the large makeup bag/clutch. The sloane doesn't sit very comfortably on my shoulder, so I'm not that bothered with that choice.

    The London stores couldn't locate one for me in the UK or Italy.I'm in Zurich now for work and the shop here doesn't have it either. Has anybody seen one anywhere pls? It's the large makeup bag in spring/summer's antique gold and was about £560 in the UK.

    The Sloane st boutique showed me the pictures of new season's gold/silver combo and I didn't like it.
    Thanks x
  2. Post a pic when you can and I will see if I can locate it by me for you.
  3. :yes:

    I think I know which it is you're refering to - is it the one with a flap at the top which can double as a evening purse? Be sure to post pics, and I'm sure us PFers can locate one for you :biggrin:
  4. I know somebody here bought it, maybe two months ago.
  5. Yes, I recall someone in the forum has it. I've checked and Singapore didn't bring that in. It is a lovely colour.
  6. Are talking about this one? Its on NAP the US site for $1100.
  7. Yes!!! This is the style! Is this the spring-summer gold? Looks bronze in the pic, even brown.
  8. bagsforme dearest, thank you so very much, but what is the website address for NAP pls? Can't find it at all.
  9. I think this is the metallic Ottone gold, introduced in S/S' 07.
  10. I have the smaller version of this bag. The sparkle is subtle. It's really very pretty.
  11. This clutch is so pretty.
  12. That's gorgeous. Buy it!! The color is so luxe and unique.
  13. I have been eyeing this bag for a while... stunning color and great shape! Good luck finding it again!