This is CRAZY!!

  1. Ok, so in a previous post I was saying how I totally drink the Oprah kool-aid and all that stuff about the Secret and how I have changed my thinking about getting pregnant and all. Well.... listen to this!

    About 2-3 weeks ago, after I posted the thread about positive thinking/laws of attraction, I made myself a "vision board". I started out small and but some pictures of some design elements for the house. Then I added a few pictures of a LV Keepall, then a Michele watch then some baby bedding that I've been in love with for years, one pattern for boy and one for girl. Then added a pic of the Grand Caymans b/c I've been dying for a warm weather vacation.

    So last week, DH's bonus comes in and he calls me and says, "Can I take you to the Caymans?" :yes:Ah, yes, thank you. Nothing so strange about that, we've been talking about it for awhile. Then I found a keepall 60 for under a $400 :wtf: Huh, that was fast, but I was looking for it.

    In Target this morning looking for a bathing suit for our trip. The fitting rooms are at the far back and then I need to go get some stuff from Home Improvement. I am walking by the baby stuff and glance over (wasn't even THINKING of stopping!) and what should I see but the EXACT crib bedding set by Dwell I had on my vision board, not only in the boy Zoo print, but in the girl flowers too!!! :wtf::wtf: Ok, I didn't even KNOW that Dwell was designing for Target!! I haven't been in Target for months and I NEVER go to the back by the baby stuff!!! The best part, the Dwell set online is over $300, one at Target is $79. I called my mom and was like, this is too crazy! I have to get this right?? Or is this like buying my wedding dress before I'm engaged?? She of course said, its gonna happen, might as well get them. So I did and I was worried that DH had thought I've lost my mind. Then I showed him the board and showed him my find and he was really excited and then we found a big picture of a baby and put it up there. :p

    Vision boards WORK!! Go make one today :tup:
  2. Holy crap!
    I need to run out and get me a big piece of oaktag!
  3. I believe it. My BFF made a vision board after the end of a tumultuous relationship, and about 85% of it has come to pass. I find that when I'm positive about something, it works in my favour.
  4. I started doing this many, many years ago after reading a book called "Creative Visualisation", it's amazing isn't it? (Don't forget when your desires are fulfilled, it's very important to say "thank you").:smile:
  5. :yahoo:THANK YOU!!!:yahoo:
  6. Atta girl!!:flowers:

    This is going to sound silly, but what the heck: You only have to "ask" for a car for me every time. ;)
  7. THis sounds interesting!

    What is a vision board?
  8. Tabbyco,

    I hope we will hear your good news soon.

    VT Pooh
  9. tabbyco - Wow! That's awesome.. I might have to try that! Keep the positive thoughts going!
  10. It it just a board (I use a cork board) that you tack up things that you want. I started with some home improvements as kind of like a design board... funny thing is, right after that we got the opportunity to redo our bathroom. I already had it designed b/c I had been tearing out pics of bathrooms I liked. I dug them out a few weeks ago and put them on the board. Then I started adding to it. I put the board behind my bedroom door and I look at it everyday before I leave the house.

    I really didn't think it would work this fast! I could have chalked it up to coincidence until the baby bedding. Then, there was no denying the power of attraction. :tup:

    Now, I am going to go big... put something huge on there!!
  11. OMGGGGG I was totally watching that show about vision boards! DH and I were suppose to start one when we got home from our trip but of course I got hospitalized... I hope I can get discharged today and try to start one right next to me while on strict bedrest...
    So happy that everything is working out for you!!! Soon you'll have a baby in your tummy:smile:))) start posting pics of prego women!!! I may do the same so my baby doesn't come out just yet...
  12. that is such a great idea!!! Good thinking Tabby!!!! BTW, When are you going on your trip? Hope you guys have fun!!!
  13. ^^1st of April :yahoo:
  14. Aww, how exciting!!!
  15. Vision board... goal poster... whatever you want to call it, it absolutely works! I've been doing this for six years, and swear by it! I also have a "dream home" file, and every time I see something in a magazine... even something as small as a neat front door I like, or a window treatment... all the way up to a deck or a whole house I like... I rip it out and put it in my dream home file. Well guess what? When we bought our dream house in June, I was packing and found my dream home file, and MANY of the elements in our new house were things I'd cut out and put in my dream home file years ago!!!