This is crazy!!!!!

  1. I just checked the status of my order and its been shipped..... CRAZY thing is I live in FL and it YESTERDAY it said it was in Jacksonville, Today it says Memphis, TN!!! Why would it leave the state??? I am so confused!!! Can anybody explain this to me??
  2. lol! thats annoying? call customer service & ask them!

    lets us know what they tell you!
  3. mine did that before, too! it shipped from a store in, oh, michigan. went to nashville, then to atlanta (where i'm at), then to somewhere in california, then BACK to atlanta. go figure.

  4. If it is being shipped via Fed Ex, it will go to Memphis first! At work, we ship all over North America via Fed Ex. But when we need to ship things to other cities in the state, we don't use Fed Ex because EVERYTHING is routed through Memphis.
  5. This is absolutely correct! Memphis is FedEx's main distribution hub and everything goes to Memphis before it's delivered. Like lala said, even if you are overnighting a package to a city within your state that's 50 miles away it will go to Memphis first. Crazy but true! :yes:
  6. Okay atleast its not lost!
  7. Slightly OT, but.......

    :yahoo: Go Memphis!!!!!:yahoo:

    Sorry.....couldn't resist!! And I never knew everything was routed through Memphis....guess it never mattered since I'm here anyway......
  8. I live about 15 miles from the Jacksonville's Coach plant and my packages still go through memphis! I even asked one time if I could just pick it up... I was just kidding but of course they said no and explained how there are no customers allowed at the site and memphis is fedex's hub so everything has to go there first...blah blah blah, lol