This is crazy -- must be meant to be, right?

  1. So about 3 years ago, I bought a black balenciaga work. Carried it, adored it, and then well got tired of it and sold it.

    Repeat: same story, one year later, black balencaiga work #2 .

    Today: am expecting balenciaga work #3!

    I think I just OD'd on balenciagas back then (at one point I had like 12!) but since I haven't had any b bags in soooooo long, I find myself longing for my black work (work is my fav style).

    Anyways, this is IT for me. I so do not want to OD again on b bags. I have a red courier and now the black work (coming today, hopefully).

    THis board is very addicting!
  2. so basically you have come full circle! I bet you keep it for a loooong time now....congrats!
  3. yippy, i'm so happy you're joining the black work club again, i'll never let mine go!!! :yahoo:
  4. Yay, congratulations! Please post pics when you can...and you're courier sounds beautiful!
  5. mammab, that's great! I remember your collection and when you started to let it go... I think it can take a little while to discover which are the "essential" bags for you - I know I've had several that have come and gone, and when I get "too many" (by whatever subjective standard) I feel a bit anxious.

    Your red courier is gorgeous, and the black work is classic, and there you go - the perfect 2-bag collection! :yes:
  6. Thanks you guys! I know, it's crazy!!

    LP -- HUGS HUGS HUGS -- I've really missed you :love::love::love: