This is cool ( artwork )

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  1. Whoa, that is freaky! :blink: But very cool and different.
  2. Wow.
  3. very interesting.. it sure is eye catching.
  4. VERY impressive! Creepy and cool for sure!
  5. thanks for sharing!
  6. Whoa! Those scupture people are soo..... BIG!
  7. Neato! that is really cool!
  8. wow that's just crazy looking at artwork that is different :nuts:
  9. Very cool but I thought the first one was a painting.
  10. Wow, that's huge looking.
  11. that is simply AMAZING. i've always felt that as an artist, our goal is to create something that looks almost realistic, to the point where it blurs the lines between fantasy & reality.. and Ron Mueck has certainly achieved that, and further more, with no actual training/studies!! that's simply and truly a talent and a gift!
  12. Disquieting...but original!
  13. wow, the figures are so real looking. thats are with a difference!
  14. I agree, amazing, the subject looks so real! :amazed: