This Is Britney’s Comeback Single!!!!!

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    OMG, you guys!!
    Britney’s new single, Gimme More, has finally dropped!!!!
    It’s not bad. It’s not amazing. But it is very good, considering our girl’s a little rusty.
    We’re kinda welling up with tears. There’s still room for improvement, but this is a very good start!!!
    Way to go B!!!!
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    We thought for sure she was going to flake, but all indications now are that Britney Spears is going to lipsynch her little heart out at the MTV Video Music Awards next Sunday.
    The New York Daily News has new details about her VMA performance with illusionist Criss Angel.
    Angel will guide Spears in and out of a series of mirrors, making it seem as though she vanishes and then reappears several times, a source told the Daily News yesterday.
    Other dancers in the complicated number are being called upon to harness up for simulated flight, the source said.
    It is not known what Britney will perform, though it’s rumored to be her new single, Gimme More.
    CLICK HERE to listen to it!
    P.S. MTV has added more performers and presenters to their big show. Click here to Check out the list of new additions.
  3. Fantastic! Listening to it now :rochard: :whistle: :happydance:
  4. Didn't really like "Cold as Fire" though
  5. Ok, dare I say...I might have to put in on my IPod. :nogood:

    I can't believe I am saying that... :push:
  6. It'll be on mine too :shame:
  7. Hmmm... :jammin: Not bad.

    I hope the "comeback" includes more than just music, I just don't understand her behavior and dress!
  8. Not bad. "Cold as fire" is not so good though.
  9. Love it! Has anyone heard the second song to leak as well? I really like that tooo.
  10. Not feeling it. Sorry. :supacool:
  11. I did't hate it, and I think I kind of liked it. I think it will grow on me.
  12. I'm liking!

    (Apparently, Britney hired Madonna's choreographer for the MTV VMAs. . . . . for some godawful reason I found myself watching Extra.)
  13. Come back, Britney! We love you!
  14. Hmmm...just sounds like the same ole crap! This girl needs to reinvent herself or something...Christina transitioned out of tenny pop-star...why can't Britney? Oh right...she can't sing LOL

    *Sorry for being harsh LOLOL**
  15. Im liking Gimme more, very catchy i must admit. the other one not so much.