This is bad...Now I think I want...

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  1. A Chloe Silverado. It just looks so warm and cozy...The straps look as if they'd feel so comfortable on my shoulder. When not wearing it, it will look so cool sitting up on the closet shelf.

    Someone, please talk me out of it.

    :idea: Because of my new Chloe Silverado obsession, I have talked myself off of the Balenciaga City bag ledge and I've decided to start small (get the Balenciaga Twiggy if getting a Twiggy would be settling ) so that I'll have more money for the Chloe Silverado...:biggrin:

    This forum is baaaaad.....Very, very baaaaaad.:lol:
  2. I have to say I never like the Paddington (sacrilege!) but this is really a gorgeous bag!
  3. :sigh, that's a beautiful bag!
  4. oh, I forgot we were supposed to be talking you out of it! Sigh, I'm an enabler.
  5. I'm afraid I'm not going to be that someone. =/

    Such a gorgeous bag.
  6. I like the Paddington, but I love the Silverado satchel. I love that it doesn't scream Chloe...
  7. That colour reminds me of cinnamon, looks delicious !
  8. If the Edith had shoulder straps, I'd love that bag too. I hope they decide to do a shoulder version of the Edith; it's such a beautiful looking bag. I didn't like it at first, but after seeing the ad in Harper's Bazaar (in which a bunch of Chloes are stacked on top of each other), I was able to get a good look. That leather is gorgeous.
  9. Sorry I can't be the one to talk you out of it. The Nordstrom in my area just got a shipment of these and the paddingtons. I bought the chocolate paddington, and have this exact Silverado and a YSL muse on hold for me to look at tomorrow. I hope I don't give in and get them all. My goal is to get just one. We'll see though! Good luck...I don't know if someone on this forum will talk you out of it!

    I agree...this forum is baaddd!!! :o)
  10. That's what I was thinking, too! :lol:
  11. This bag is awesome!!! I grabbed the only one (exactly like your pic) they had at a store near me ... the leather holds up so well and I have had it now for about 3 months - I love it!!!
  12. Sorry, I won't be talking you out of it either. I have this bag in chocolate and I LOVE it! It is THE best bag!! I have a paddington, 2 balenciagas, and a spy, but this bag is still my favorite. It's roomy and the leather is just so durable.
  13. Wow...have you posted your collection yet? If not, please do soon!
  14. That is a killer bag! - I've tried to stay away from Chloe as it's really way out there in price - Now, I'm drooling over this one!
  15. sorry it's hard to talk you out of this one. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the silverado. personally, i don't like the paddy at all but the silverado is just :love::love::love: