This is annoying

  1. So on Monday, I went to Coach and bought my scarf print cosmetic case, at full price. I am a loyal customer at that store and they send me the invites to the discount events and so on.

    The very next day, I get a voicemail from the store saying that I am invited to another special in-store event where I can take 25% off my purchase. Of course had I known this, I would have waited on the cosmetic case!

    Do you think there is any chance they will do a retroactive discount for me, esp if I buy something else? Is this just a coincidence? Grrr.
  2. You could probably do the return/repurchase thing. I think someone else made that work for the last event.
  3. same thing just happened to me...except my store that called is in walnut creek, ca...and I now live in Harrisburg, PA! I was gonna call back and see if I could order something else at the discount and have them ship it to me.
  4. This is not the 25% off mailer that people get in the mail is it? I've never received one but my friend has.
  5. no...they called and said the 25% was on the NEW stuff...and you had to go to the store and let someone know you'd been invited.
  6. I didn't know they did that! I learned something new about Coach today!
  7. Ok I went to my store just now -- the manager of course KNOWS ME as soon as I walk in, hahaha -- and at first he hesitated on doing the return, but I got him to relent. Yay! So I got my cosmetics case at 25% off, and then I bought the matching scarf :love: and a cute keyring, too.

    the center scarf


    I would have gotten the metallic gold graphic signature swing pack too, but that bag is sold out EVERYWHERE, can't even be special ordered. Oh well. I'm not that broken up about it.
  8. do they have to know you were really invited :graucho:
    just kidding.
    i didn't know that either!
  9. I don't think so, but then again the manager did recognize me! I want to know if anyone else got this phone call? They said it was only good through Saturday the 1st.
  10. I got this call too. They said it was good through Saturday only. They wanted me to make an appointment to come in but in the end said it was OK to come in anytime. :cool:
  11. Wow. If the boutiques started calling me, I'd be in trouble!:lol:
  12. I didn't get a call but when I walked in the store I was promptly notified that this sale was going on.
  13. I wonder if this is something going on at all stores or if it's select stores. I asked about it at one coach store and they seemed to know nothing about it.
  14. hmmm...I wonder if any in Virginia are having the sale? Maybe I'll call my SA & ask about it.
  15. Oh man, I don't know whether I want this to be true or not. I am soooo broke, but I did buy some new Coach stuff in St Louis last week -- it would have been nice to get them 25% off! (pout)