This is an OMG story you wish you never heard:(


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Nov 26, 2012
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Hey all:smile:

Now if this is in the wrong place MODS i do apologise. BUT if it IS in the right place :smile:

OKKK so back story:
  • I get my monobrow wax done as i am macodoniean and don't like the third eyebrow look haha
  • This DID NOT happen to me BUT i now double check eveything now when leaving and returning from the house
  • AND 3 this happened to my waxer/beautician/shop owner/friend

OKK so thats out of the way:smile:

My friend recently went on a trip to the US with her DH and went for a month. He's a successful banker and her a very humble beautician and shop owner.

She was so excited to be going on holiday for a month finally after such busy work schedules for both of them. Had this booked for months.

Soo she kissed her parents and parents-in-law goodbye and asked they look after the house.

NOW this is the bit that is sad. They don't have any form of alarm in their house (only 12 months old) and sadly she posted on Facebook that she was at the sydney airport in anticipation of their holiday.

FLASH FORWARD a month. They get back and their house was EMPTIED!!! EMPTY! I'm talking nada. ZIL ZICH! She is around 30 (around my eldest sisters age) SOO she had 10 years PLUS of LV and chanel and versace AND her grandmothers jewels WHICH were of course ir-replacable!

THE SICK PART! They even took THEIR WEDDING ALBUMS!!! ALL 3 OF THEM!! Sick weirdos (to say the least) SO now their insurance will cover them BUT sadly a lll these things they accumulated over the years as individuals AND as a husband and wife, are gone.

SOOO my moral to this sad story. CHECK YOU A) Have a home alarm installed), B) Make sure that you know it works to full capacity AND C) if you know you don't have an alarm, watch out for Facebook as this is where the cops said they hacked her account and could see everything she would type into her satus update bar:/

BE SAFE when travelling AND keep your home safe. Please learn from others pain and heartache so you don't all go through the same.

OHH and sorry for the long post;( My old schpeal is back again haha


Apr 10, 2013
That's is disgusting and frightening to think of all her LV and Chanel that was stolen just because she had put a status up while at the airport! Nothing is safe anymore! And stealing wedding photos! WTF. Thanks for telling us this, so we are more aware of this!
Jan 3, 2011
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Ah, so sorry for her.

I've got a million questions though, as I'm sure she does...I just don't understand why she had to come home to it. Were her parents not checking on her house as she'd asked?

Also, what do the police think her FB account being hacked have to do with it? Anyone could have just seen the status to know she was going out of town?


Jul 16, 2009
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That's terrible! I'm always paranoid someone is going to break in too- we've moved twice over the past six years and we always make sure we install the alarm right away. And you have to be careful with facebook- I've heard of this happening quite a few times. There are so many bad people out there- and sometimes it's not even random strangers - it could be friends of friends, neighbors or anyone connected to those people who somehow get past the privacy settings.

I hope they're able to replace most of their stuff but it's devastating to have all those sentimental things gone. :sad:


Sep 16, 2013
This does not surprise me. A few years ago i remember hearing on the news where they were saying NEVER post on fb when you will be away . People at that time were getting robbed left and right. This is terrible what happened :sad:


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Aug 9, 2012
This does not surprise me. A few years ago i remember hearing on the news where they were saying NEVER post on fb when you will be away . People at that time were getting robbed left and right. This is terrible what happened :sad:
Agree! My husband always tells me to slow down on that happy trigger finger on posting where I'll be. Sometimes we get caught up in the moment of where we'll be, what we're doing and we want to share with people that we forget that is just sometimes asking to get robbed. :sad:
Very sad how reality is but better safe than sorry. We don't post vacation pictures until after we come back or if someone is home for us.

OP so sorry that happened to your friend! That is so low to take her photos!


Jan 26, 2014
This is so sad for your friend! I really hope she can recover from this and try to replace what she can. That poor family :sad:

Also, I echo the other posters on this thread - don't post your whereabouts on Facebook! Wait 'til you get home, then "check-in" places. I have heard of girls who post about going on a run at a park, then they get abducted! And even if you check-in at a movie theater - 2 hours is plenty of time for burglars. Wait until you get back home, then check-in at places on social media or geo-tagging yourself anywhere.


Jan 25, 2009
OMG! One of my worst nightmare well 2nd only to Fire but still. That's the reason why we have an alarm installed and 2 dogs that are very lovable and friendly, well only to us. They are both rottweilers and one is a 100 lb and the other is a 120 lb. Both are fiercly loyal to us and capable protector. So.paranoid of these things happening. So sorry for your friend OP.


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Aug 16, 2012
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And No-one saw anything? :hnsnsn: I mean Gesh!! And to take their Wedding photo's, what on earth are they going to do with them?:cry: What a nightmare to come home to, Nothing!


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Jan 5, 2007
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If you have FB, make sure you get your updates to Friends ONLY...not friends of friends or public. IF you do get hacked, FB will send you an email notifying you of suspicious activity, so make sure you have the FB support team's email on your spam white list. Finally, if you're gonna be gone for a month, have someone house sit.