This is absolutely cute, vip Cerises keychain But...

  1. I saw that on Karen Kooper's site a while back, but I think it was like $400ish. I would have bought it if I caught it in time! But for $1000 or more and $125(:censor:smile: shipping? No way.
  2. It's so pretty & cute but def not worth $1000, might as well get a bag instead..
  3. What the f:censor: is wrong with this seller?:rant: are they serious?:wtf:
  4. The seller has anyway some ridiculous prices
  5. I see that!
  6. they don't even mention it was the invitation of the runway show
  7. That's crazy....
    I wonder if someone will buy it at that price
  8. No one in their right mind anyway.:wlae:
  9. CRAZZYYYY... i'da rather took the pics to a jewelry store and ordered one like that with gold :roflmfao:
  10. Likewise!:lol:
  11. It's cute...but way over priced.:hysteric:
  12. Great point!
  13. very cute but way too expensive.
  14. Well, someone bought it...
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