This is a TOUGH one ladies!!!!!

  1. Ok, so I have money to buy 2 bags. Here are the choices:
    1. Monogram mizi
    2. the new Tulum GM
    3. MC white alma
    4. Blue Denim Baggy GM
    5. Monogram Noe
    6. Sac Coussin

    I already have Manhattan GM and Croissant MM. So, I'm trying to think summer bag but also a classic, longevity bag. So confused, I wish I could buy them all.:sad:
  2. Multicolore White Alma always a classic with a little bit of a twist and I'd have to say the Noe.
  3. Alma for sure and the denim bagg gm with the longer strap!
  4. Monogram Mizi & Mc White Alma
  5. MC white alma/Blue Denim Baggy GM
  6. If you're looking for classic--no denim--so that's my first elimination. The Tulum is nice, but I think it'll get old with that pocket detail thing... The Mizi is nice, but I think it doesn't look quite right in the mono.

    I'd vote definitely for the Alma. between the Noe and the Coussin, it's a toss up to me. The Noe is attractive, but I think it's a little cumbersome to carry.
  7. My vote is for the Monogram Mizi and the Coussin. :biggrin:
  8. Yes, this is TOUGH! Denim is a great summer bag so I vote for the Denim GM (and as blushing said with the longer strap). I also vote for the Sac Coussin because I have one and LOVE IT:love:
    Good luck with your decision!
  9. Mono Mizi and MC Alma. 2 of my favorites from my personal collection. Hee hee.
  10. I'd go for the mizi and the baggy. You'd have something for formal and casual !
  11. Denim GM and MC Alma!
  12. I agree .. I have the baggy GM and it is a great casual bag and the mizi is stunning:biggrin:
  13. monogram noe and MC alma. the alma would be good for summer and they're both really classic looking bags. the noe is super cute if you leave it a little untied. :smile:
  14. I'd go for the Mizi and the MC Alma.
  15. i'd take the noé, it's classic and sooo practical.
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