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  1. Ok, I have, IMO, a very nice bag collection. I have something for every occasion and I cherish each and every one of them. Do I need more? No, I don't. Can I appreciate a bag without actually buying it? Can I admire it from afar? I'm gonna try something now. I'm gonna see how long I can go without buying a bag. My goal is 90 days, no bags, no wallets, no bag paraphanelia(sp) Can I do it? :nuts: (I would really like an olive bag, a yellow bag and a reddish bag and I bet I'll find em all now and greatly discounted to boot!)
  2. You can do it, tonij! (But why?!) :P
  3. I guess to practice discipline, to better appreciate what I have, to stop and smell the roses kwim?
  4. goood luck, tonji2000... i'm 3 days into a self-imposed band and my eyes have wandered already
  5. I'll join you- until next May (OMG!!!)
  6. some of these 'which bag' polls r driving me nuts! I'm like, ooh, GREAT BAG, how cute, I want want want!!
  7. You can do it toni!! There are alot of tempations here on tPF lol!! The longest I went w/o buying a bag was five months. Now I'm going nuts again esp. w/ that RM Sample Sale. Just this month alone I purchased six bags! I'm going to try to be good and not go overboard again : )
  8. good are stronger than I am...I am already looking for a new bag after buying a new wallet last week!!

    I am thinking Coach or another Hype...

    Let us know how it goes!!
  9. good luck toni... i've been wanting to do this too but i still don't dare :P
  10. I'm forcing myself to be on a ban - as of this morning I am on Day 1! So I'll join you, and see if I can go 90 days. I'm sure my bank account will thank me.
  11. BAN TOGETHER! I am also trying to force myself into a ban. Hi, my name is Mockinglee and I'm a bagaddict. It's been two weeks since the last purchase (well, one week since I received it). I had a slip up yesterday when I found a Linea Pelle Dylan crossbody clutch at Off 5th for $55, but I've decided it will be given to my mom as a gift, so technically I'm still on the wagon.
  12. Ok, I have to ask, what is a bag paraphernalia??? :smile: I didn't do a total ban, that's just not realistic for me. Instead, I have started a reasonable purse fund withdrawal from my salary each month. So the rule is if the fund can't cover the bag, I'm not buying it. I have passed up several great deals so far, I guess I'm doing ok.
  13. I am also joining the bag ban with you. This is Day 2 for me. I am going to try and ban myself until my birthday--July!! I need to be strong because I have way too many bags! Let's all see if we can stick to this. Hopefully we can support one another in this crazy addiction...
    Of course, I should mention that I also went on a ban in September that was supposed to last until the new year. I bought 4 bags while on that ban....this may be a lost cause but I am seriously going to try!
  14. Thanks for all of the support and we should be able to do this together! I'm looking forward to seeing how much money I'll have in 90 days! This is great!