this is a teensy bit premature but...

  1. we're going to meet this lab baby tomorrow (sunday 6 january)! i'm a teensy bit too excited about a pup that isn't even mine....but wouldn't you be if this face could be living in your house by tomorrow night!?

    we were set on hilo for our second dog's name....but she does NOT look like a hilo. hera is on the table....but i need a few more suggestions. anyone?
  2. That puppy is adorable!

    Hera's a nice name (but in Greek Mythology, she wasn't a very nice deity. To be fair, though, Zeus was a player, so Hera was a jealous shrew.)

    In keeping with the mythology theme, Artemis is the goddess of the hunt.
  3. What a cutie! I know what you mean...I was so anxious BEFORE I picked up my puppy! :smile:
  4. I'd be excited too. How cute!
  5. i put a few other mythology names out there (calliope, thalia, persephone/stefanie, etc) but the only ones that got an ok were hera and athena....and only because they're on battlestar galactica. :rolleyes:

    maybe i should go scower the baby name threads. :biggrin:
  6. sooo adorable, don't have a suggestion just yet, but I'm soo excited for you, congrats!
  7. What a cutie! :love: Congrats! I actually like the name she has but I'm TERRIBLY unimaginative when it comes to dog names.
  8. So cute! I hope everything goes well when you meet her!
  9. OMG, what a darling little baby! I don't have any name suggestions as I am not up to speed with mythology(so I wouldn't be much help), but please keep us posted on the adoption as this is very exciting!
  10. She is adorable! Once you meet her and get to know her personality, her name will most likely come to you. Keep us posted and good luck!
  11. we leave to meet her in 20 minutes! i'm so excited i'm shaking a little. :smile:

    it doesn't have to be a mythology name....i just kind of got stuck on a tangent. they use a lot of greek mythology names in battlestar galactica which my husband loves....he wasn't so keen on the names though. turns out he likes names that are unisex or not people names. i have a list going....but so far he won't discuss it till he meets her. which is probably the sensible thing (he's always the sensible one)

    i think you all are right though about finding a name that fits her personality. i really hope lily likes her....i think that's the only thing that would keep us from bringing her home (hubby turns into a puddle around puppies....he's a sucker. and he's the one that wants a lab puppy in the first place....i just found her)

    i'll update you all when we get home (hopefully with pictures!)
  12. we brought her home!! her name is boomer, she's 10 weeks old and she's such a cutie handful. my husband is in LOVE :love: just a puddle of puppy happiness. lily isn't quite as thrilled, but she's adjusting. i've never been around a puppy before really....she's busy! i can tell she's going to exhaust me (or rather DH its his baby and he is incharge of everything) in a good way of course.

    better go make sure she isn't tearing anything up. maybe when she's asleep i can snap some quick pictures. (so far it's been hard...she won't stay still! :smile:)
  13. Congratulations! She is adorable! :love: Post more pics whenever you get a chance. :yes:
  14. Congrats on your new puppy Boomer! Post pics when you get a chance!
  15. Ahh congratulations! Be sure to post pics as soon as you can! Good luck!