this is a sad day indeed..

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  1. i need funds to fix my car because i was involved in an accident with the wrong person. I don't want to claim insurance because then it would sky rocket, so I need to pay out of my pocket. I'm very angry right now because I don't think this was proceeded in the right way, when I know the witness knows the other person, and that their backs were to us until they heard the noise, but argh I'm so angry right now and now really sad becuase that means my LV has to go..

    What do I do?! I can part with my groom cles, and I can say good bye to my pomme cles because I'll get an amarante cles when it comes out, but what about my envelope pomme plate and indigo agenda? Their so rare and I'll probably won't have the chance to get them again unless for higher.. so what do I do? Do I sell the agenda, and get either a cheaper canvas or a cheaper company, and do I sell the envelope plate and get a ludlow in its stead to cope later on? How much should i ask? What should I do?

    I'm so mad and distraught right now. :cursing::crybaby::tdown:
  2. Oh aarti I am so sorry to hear about your accident! I hope you are okay.
  3. Is there any way that you could borrow the money from your friends/family/parents instead of selling the pieces? I understand that like REAL things come before LV but, like you said, you will have a difficult time finding the pieces again. IMHO, Keep the Plate if there is one thing that you can/could save!

    Hope that everything works out!

  4. Ouch :Push: Hope you are alright :heart: How about just keep the Pomme Plate and Indigo Agenda for now :sad:
  5. ^^I do have savings locked and such, but I'm trying hard not to touch it, especially before my tuiton bill comes in. Should I then keep the envelope plate and kiss my indigo agenda goodbye?
  6. oh aarti i can totally relate!!! I had an accident around one month ago but it was the other parsons fault! Anyway I thought the insurance would have sorted out my excess costs (im 19) and they havent yet as the other company has still not claimed liability! So today when my car came back I had to pay the £400 excess! And wait for all the insurers to sort the stuff out until I get paid back!!! So yeh 9am this morning giving £400 over the phone was *^*% and I dont even know when I will be getting the money back!

    I say DONT sell the agenda or plate, they will be sooo hard to get back!! Cles can go and maybe your groom! Im sorry about it, it sucks! Do you have to sell your LVs though?!
  7. Awww i feel so sorry for you. Any other way of getting the money?
  8. Did you stay to wait for the police report?
    I still think claiming insurance is the best resolution if you are not at fault and if your loss is significant.
    From what I've heard in the past (Remember it's I heard), a passenger in car 1 can't be the driver of car 1's witness.
    It's the police report that dictates who is at fault. You can always explain your views to the insurance company.

    Remember I do not drive. I've been inside a car involved in minor accidents.

    There was a case where my friend was involved in an accident, the other driver drove off and my friend waited for a police report to be filed. The insurance company did not jack up his payments because it was a hit and run. (I was not in the car for this one.)

    I also vote, don't sell............if at all possible.
  9. hope things work out for u! good thing u were not hurt!
  10. I am sorry this happened to you and hope you are ok. In your position I would keep the pomme envelope and sell the agenda. Only because the envelope is rare. ((Hugs))
  11. *hugs* oh aarti, i am soo sorry to hear about your lost! but i do agree w/others of keep the plate if possible, agendas comes in many colors and lines, but your envelope plate can not be found again. Good luck :flowers:
  12. The only thing I would be afraid of is that if you settle without your insurance company, there is nothing to stop that other person from later on claiming injuries and suing you. Then you will have no protection.

    You should check with your insurance company becuase many of them have a "grace" for 1st time accidents.
  13. I think this is wise advice. If you settle outside and not "officially," you have no recourse later on if he/she tries to be a crook about it. If the accident wasn't your fault then you really have nothing to worry. Even if it was 50-50, then it shouldn't be too bad. Paying out of pocket is a statement of fault too.

  14. Sorry you had an accident Aarti, glad you are ok .. hope you dont have to give up your nice LV purchases over it.
  15. Aww aarti I'm so sorry!

    But I would not let this person intimidate you into paying out of pocket. Your insurance will not go up that high even if you were at fault!