This is a result of living in the Middle of Nowhere!

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  1. Oh my gawd!!!!! I got the sh*t scared out of me today.

    Okay, so I was talking my dog for a walk and I just happened to look into a field behind the woods about a mile down from my house. I saw something black out of the corner of my eye. I looked and saw a BEAR!!!!!! And here's me :wtf: It actually saw my dog and me too! It stood on its hind legs for a few seconds, then made it's way back into the woods. I was SOOOOO scared. My dog didn't bark, thank goodness, but what really scared me was that it stood up on its hind legs when it saw us. I'm guessing (hopefully) it was trying to catch our scent. I was so scared I couldn't move, which is good I guess, because I didn't run, which apparently kicks them into hunt mode (don't wanna do that...) After I saw it went back into the woods, I took off, making sure it wasn't following me. I took out my cell and called my parents, and told them the story(I always bring my cell on a walk just in case) while I was jogging, and dragging my poor puppy behind me. There's an image for ya. And meanwhile, I pass this lady who's out in her yard, and she looks at me like I'm nuts. It was quite the adventure anyway.

    So you see, ladies and gentlemen, that's what happens when you live in the middle of nowhere, in hick town.

  2. ^ I'm sure that's just as easy as punching a great white shark in the nose
  3. O. M. G. !!! I am so glad you are OK! That is so scary!!! I would be so scared to even go outside anymore!
  4. Oh wow! I am so glad you are okay! That's scary that he got up on his hind legs, I would be scared to death! Where I used to live, I would hike up in the mountains a lot, and I would see occasional black bears on the trails, and most of them would just run away from me, except one baby bear who played while I watched him, but I was scared the mom bear would come out! I read that black bears are scared if you seem taller than them(they say to hold your hands up in the air and like jump), and also make a lot of noise, and that should scare them away. And do not look them in the eyes, it shows them that you are challenging them. Also, the best thing to do is walk away, not run, and I read you aren't supposed to turn around and look(that would be hard.) Just some tips in case you come into contact with another bear!
  5. Yep, it was a black bear. Thank gawd they're the only type of bear native to where I live.
  6. WoW, so glad you are oK!! Thats is insane! :sweatdrop:
  7. so scary! i'm glad nothing bad happened. i live in the middle of nowhere too, and my roommate and i got back to our apartment at about 1 a.m. from a late-night dinner the other night and as we were standing there unlocking our door, a GIANT DEER came crashing through the bushes next to us! it scared the crap out of us and went bolting through the parking lot.
  8. I would have been so scared. I'm frightened when I see a bosom, lol!
  9. Gosh! What state do you live in? Are you in the mountains?
  10. How exciting!

    I'm a big hiker and come across bears fairly regularly. Once, a bear crossed across my hike path, about 15 feet away. He stopped, stared at me, decided I was uninteresting and carried on.

    Brown bears are generally more easily provoked than black bears, though they usually only attack when their cubs are around, if they are startled, or if they are directly provoked. Living in areas where bears come into contact with humans makes the bears more aggressive, as they begin to associate human habitation with food. If you live close to bears, be extra mindful of your trash!

    If you think this will be a concern, hunting equipment stores do sell "bear spray" or horns. I'm not sure how effective these are, but I've never carried or been tempted to purchase these items myself, even though I come across a bear or two every year.
  11. at least you and your dog are both ok! Be careful next time...I am just like you, I always take my cell phone on walks just in case!
  12. OMG!!! That would scare the crap out of me!!! lol!!!!
  13. I live in good ol' PA. Northern PA that is. Near the New York border. Thank goodness we only have black bears around here, but the area I live in is known to be thriving w/ them. Yup, I live waaaay up in the
  14. Yikes!! Stay safe, when walking your dog.

  15. I love to go hiking too. We just went to the little grand canyon in Wellsborro, PA. It was absolutely GORGEOUS! The leaves were changing, and the sun was shining. It was sooo pretty. We are always hiking through the woods, but have only ever seen so much as a We don't go very deep into the woods, though DH would love too. Well, now that I've told you about the little grand canyon, I have to show you pics!!!
    A puppy playing.jpg Picture 492.jpg Picture 494.jpg Picture 510.jpg Picture 501.jpg