This is a new one (to me) - how to report?

  1. So I won an item last night, and paid immediately. This morning I got a message from the seller saying thank you, payment received, item will be sent on Monday. So far so good.

    But I also received this message from a different eBay account:

    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]I am the seller of the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, item number: XXXXXXXXXX. Please email a.s.a.p. your full name and shipping address to my email address: in order to start the transaction. Please don't send the payment via paypal, unfortunately my paypal account is not available at the moment because I've reached the max amount I can withdraw from it so I will need to enroll in the expanded use program but this will take a while. Since security and safety is an issue for both parties, our transaction will be performed under the eBay's authority (through eBay). You will receive the new payment instructions from ebay.
    IMPORTANT: Please include the item number in your reply.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    This was actually in my eBay message box, from a real eBay seller who has 35 feedback, 100% positive. I'm assuming it's a hijacked account. The user ID was changed last night too.

    Can anyone tell me exactly how to report this?
  2. Wow! Definitely sounds like fraud to me! Just go to the site map on eBay and find where to report Fraud and report it and also send a copy of the message to them. They will handle it from there. Good thing you realized it was a scam and good luck on this.
  3. Thanks Luv - about 85 clicks later I did find where to report. If I worked at eBay, there would be a big red "Report This!" button on every message and item page.
  4. do no do that!!
  5. I would also forward a copy of the email to the actual address of the seller, just as a heads up, either to let them know that someone is apparently following their auctions with intent to do harm, and also to let them know that you are notifying eBay, just in case the other address does belong to them!
  6. ^ I did that, Shimma. She confirmed that my payment went to the right place and thanked me for the heads-up.
  7. I hate it when soliciters contact my buyers or bidders, I have numerous instances dealing with those unwanted emails and that is why I have added a warning on all my listings. I wonder how these people know who is bidding if ebay kept the bidder id's private.
  8. Glad you reported it! Sounds like a spoof to me, just some scammer (who probably hacked the account) trying to get some money from you. Stay safe, and stick only with the seller who sold you the item. Any additional offers are probably fake.
  9. luxo, I was the auction winner - at the end of the auction, the winning bidder's ID is visible. I think this guy is taking the chance on contacting the winning bidders on recently-ended auctions, hoping they haven't paid yet.
  10. That is pretty scary! It is amazing what these theives can come up with....if they would put that much effort into a job they wouldn't have to scam people!

    Next time just forward it to and for paypal it is