this is a longshot but ... Vert D'eau

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  1. Is there anywhere i can get any Vert D'eau bags? Im in australia so preferably online ... its just such an amazing colour and since ive recently sold my seafoam city i think i have room in my life for another greeny bag ... :heart:

    thanks gals!

  2. oh crap - i meant for this to go in the shopping section - sorry mods!! can u please move it for me ... :flowers:
  3. BalNy may have a vert city. I heard they had a few from a past seasons.
  4. can i email them? with the time difference its a bit hard to call them ...
  5. AR has 2 VD twiggy! GL!
  6. Yep ar has some and they deliver free to Australia! They are decently priced too. i think their email address is, be aware you may have to pay 15% customs and gst combined on any order over au1000
  7. ^^ I was just going to suggest AlohaRag, too!
  8. just be careful. I know one of them was my return. The color was faded and they told me there were no others. I'm assuming the other one came back for the same reason.
  9. You can check *bay, AFF and RDC! There is a thread on the shopping forum with all the reputable stores selling balenciaga off and online! Good luck!

  10. Did AR sell out of Vert D'eau Cities :confused1:

    I don't think BalNY has any... there was a Day on evilbay the other day. It might still be there if that style interests you at all? Of course get it authenticised first.
  11. keep a look out on ebay...good luck
  12. ive had a look on ebay - there's a bag but the seller aint selling to australia. ill check out AR - do they have the bags on their website or do you email them for photos?

  13. they don't have the bags on their website, but you can call them ask for what they have in stock. I ordered mine last week, and got it yesterday (VD city). Calling them is better, a lot quicker!