this is a little weird, but

  1. so, inside my mini paddy i keep a pack of tissues (for my allergies). now, we all know how delicious the chloe leather smells. but what i didn't realize is that while in my bag, my tissues "absorbed" some of this smell. so every time i take a tissue to blow my nose, i am hit with the gorgeous leather smell. it makes allergy season all the more bearable!:girlsigh:
  2. That is soooooooooooo funny!!!! I am going to have to give that a try myself:graucho: .
  3. LOL! :lol:

    I'm a fellow allergy sufferer (especially at this time of the year - tree pollen) and I've noticed that, too! :yes:
  4. This is so funny, (I know allergies arn't) another good reason to get a new Chloé!
  5. ooh yes, almost makes it worth having a cold or heyfever for huh :biggrin:
  6. Heehee too funny!
  7. :lol: That's so funny!
    This is the only placed where you can share this sort of thing and people actually get it. Gotta go - need to put kleenex in my paddy asap.
  8. Lol, that's a great idea! :roflmfao: Every new bag should come with a pack of tissues inside so you can constantly be reminded of how much you love your bag.
  9. i know! i told my boyfriend and he was like're a freak. and i'm like but it smells so good! he jsut doesn't get it.
  10. Cute story! :heart:

    I only own one Chloe - a Moka Bay bought last week, but I simply adore the smell. Even my 2-yr old son picked it up and sniffed it when he first looked at it!
  11. Hehe cute!! I love the smell of my Chloes too :yes:
  12. wait, there is a mini paddy?!@?!?!?!?!?!? is that the name of it?
  13. ooh, sorry - i meant the baby paddy. i don't know the exact name for it, but it's the same paddington shape and the regular one, just smaller.