This is a fake TOD'S

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  1. OMG!!! Isabel, you're so right!

    My seller also sold one like this, and the lining is different. And although am not sure, but my zippy is in metal, rite?


    So the zipper must be in metal, right?:confused1:
  2. That blue one is authentic.
    TOD'S zippers are ALWAYS metal, no exceptions. You see a nylon zipper on a so called TOD'S, take a step back! it's a fake! LOL!
    No signature lining on TOD'S.
    You can even see the embossed 'T' on the zipper pull.
  3. Now you make me wanting this :sweatdrop:

    Thanks for the info. BTW if this (and the orange one) has no feet, is it still legit?
  4. Yes, if it has not feet it is still an authentic bag. I do not remember if this style had feet or not, but most of the TOD'S totes do so it probably will have feet.
    Let us know if you buy it and post pictures of course!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.