This image triggers a whole spectrum of emotion in me

  1. [​IMG]

    From today's NY Times.
  2. Wow.
  3. *sniff*
    They are so young...
    And going ahead with their dreams, like true survivors.
  4. i saw there article a few months back in people magazine. it's so sad. the bride just looks like she is in shock. i wonder what she's thinking. the photographs of what the groom looked like before the accident is shocking. i'll have to see if i can find them somewhere.
  5. [​IMG]

    such a beautiful couple.
  6. OMG..... Just read the story, and that it is so upsetting to see... :sad: :crybaby: .... getting a little teary now...:crybaby:
  7. its sooo sad.. i read this and saw it a while ago and burst into tears.. its so sad
  8. What a shame. Lives being lost, and ruined over something so pointless. :crybaby:
  9. This is a sad story and is one of MANY.

    One of my closest friends' husband was gravely injured by an IED near Baghdad in 2006. He has major brain damage and is confined to a wheelchair. He was a reservist who was called away from his job as a firefighter to go to Iraq. His unit has suffered heavy losses, including the death of a Colonel, who is to date, the highest ranking officer to be killed in Iraq.

    I won't go into details, but what this family has had to endure is beyond comprehension. They have been treated like garbage by the Army and the Veteran's Administration. When my friend went to the Republican Congressman in her district for help, he would not return her calls. When she went to the Democrat, within days her husband's back pay was released. They had waited months for his pay and were on the verge of losing their house due to issues around his medical discharge and his pay being disbursed properly.

    This photo reminds me of what my friends go through daily and what many, many others do as well.
  10. I am honored that he (and she) are willing to sacrifice to serve this country's military. Regardless of my views on this war. Words do not suffice to express my admiration, awe, and respect for them.
  11. Wow...
    So sad. :sad:
  12. That sends shivers through my spine.
  13. That makes me angry on so many levels... first thing you'd expect from your country would be its full support after you sacrifices health and so many other things. Guess the administration doesn't give much of a s**t after all.

    Sad, so very sad.
  14. That is so sad, but not shocking. War is not pretty.
  15. I agree war is not pretty - What does make this story and images sad and shocking is that we are not at war.