This has probably been discussed to death....

  1. But I could not find any threads about it.

    I now need to decide whether I want a First or City. I thought I would buy the blueberry first as a "going out" bag, but I found out that they do have a City available and for only $100 more........

    I do not know what to do! For those who have both, what do you like better? Would I be super limiting myself if I bought the First? I have had both at one time but I can't remember much about the differences (other than the obvious). Thanks!!
  2. I have one First in black. It fits the basics that I need and so it makes a nice day to evening bag (small cosmetic bag, wallet, keys, sunglasses, cell). But that is pretty much it. I LOVE that size because it is a 'day to evening' size. But if you need to fit more in a bag then you'd need to go larger. Since I do many times need to carry more in my bags, the style I have most of is the City (I also think the Purse is nice). I don't taken my Cities out to a crowded bar only because it would knock into people and annoy them I'm sure (& don't want to start any bar room brawls over a bag :smile: ) but the First is perfect for a night out on the town.
  3. This will be an interesting thread for me too. I'm currently debating whether to get on the list for a Blue India classique or city. (I'm currently on the preorder list for city or twiggy, but have decided I don't want a twiggy after all)
  4. i think you should look at the sizes of the bags you usually use and then go from there. for me, the city is the perfect daily use bag, but doesnt work well for night for me. the classique is better for going out to dinner and stuff. but some girls find the classique is big enough for them :flowers:
  5. welp, i'd say, if you're only gonna get one, get the city :yes:...the first is perfect for a night on the town, but it's too small for an everyday :girlsigh:
  6. I definitely prefer the city. The first is cute, but it really doesn't hold that much and for some reason, when I see myself holding the first, the bag looks out of scale on me--like I'm too big for my bag! I feel like I look more balanced with the city. I hope this doesn't sound too weird...
  7. Same here! I agree!
  8. The city is $200.00 more. The classic is $995.00 and the city is $1195.00

    Also, I think the city is much more versatile. The classic is really, really small imo. It's like a clutch with handles for me. Classic lovers please don't stone me! :angel:
  9. I have both but I use my cities more than the first because as a day bag it's too small. It's great for going out at nights or for the shopping. I love the shape but I'm more a city girl. I wouldn't want to sell mine because it's the smallest bag I own and sometimes I need it but it doesn't get the attention it deserves. I think it's a great idea to go through your bags and see how the average size is so you can see if it fits your needs.
  10. yes, i guedd it depends on ur need. i have alot of big bags, so i bought a first for light weight change. but my 1st b-bag purchase is a big one, a shopper.
    if u have limited budget, i guess u should buy a city, because only 100 or 200 difference, i'd rather buy a big one.
    if u have more money later, then u can buy the first
  11. I'm a city girl but sometimes find it too big to take out at night. I've just bought by first first but have yet to show her off.
  12. hey ya!
    i've got a city and i totally agree its like a EVERYDAY bag - esp. if youh have heaps of CRAP to carry!!! And i've got a FIRST and that bag is totally perfect for going out to dinner etc... hmmm, im such a NUT :nuts: ... i've just repeated what everyone else has said!!! hehehe!!!

    heaps of CRAP = go for a CITY

    not so much crap = go for a FIRST
  13. I cannot say this enough... NG knocked it out of the park when he created the CITY bag... In my humble opinion, THE PERFECT BAG!!:yahoo:
  14. tough choice. i have both but i use my city for day and night. first will look dressy for a night out. have you tried on the two sizes yet? sometimes that would help in your decision. good luck!
  15. i'd go for the first since its more dressy compares to the city!