This has got to be the worst fake ever.

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  1. They claim its authentic and they charge 350 dollars for it!

  2. That's one of the problems with fakes, they try to make them look too perfect. :tdown:
  3. M -- you ain't seen nuttin' :roflmfao:

    1[1].jpg 8c4c_1[1].jpg 7151_1[1].jpg a13f_1.jpg aleopard.jpg
  4. And a few more funny ones....:nuts:

    c1a8_1[1].jpg queen.jpg 325d_1[1].jpg aa4c_1[1].jpg :lol:

    Sorry, I just can't resist -- I collect em!
  5. Those furry ones freak me out!! :wtf: They also, make me itch!
  6. oh yuck!
  7. Holy fug! :yucky:
  8. [​IMG]

    this one still gets my vote. it looks like it has mange.
  9. Yeah, it's pretty ugly! I really despise all the fakes on eBay! The ones that I think are the ugliest are the fake crocodile spies! Although the ones made out of that really cheap plasticy vinyl material are pretty ugly too. Or the ones that have that funky shape are defintely ugly. Ok I guess I cant pick just one ugly fake spy.....because ALL fakes spies are nothing more than hideous!
  10. hahahahaha great thread!! the leopard print fur one is really funny!
  11. Yuck LOL.
  12. Urgh. Hideous.
  13. Yikes!