This Has GOT to be a mistake

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  1. Ok, I'm cruising looking at random stuff I don't need. So BAM! This thing stops me in my tracks.


    Juicy Couture Giant Parfum with Atomizer

    The Juicy Girls captured this excitement in the first Juicy Couture parfum and created a limited-edition bottle for the girl that can never have enough Juicy Couture. This deluxe parfum comes complete with a refillable, flirtatious, fun 1 oz. bottle with atomizer, tassel and charms. There’s even a signature jewel-encrusted crown charm you can wear as a necklace... so now you can be completely surrounded by Juicy Couture.

    • <LI class=styleFeatures1>20 oz.
    • By Juicy Couture.

    Yes, all this for the low low price of.....3000 dollars

    :wtf: There better be some diamonds in that bottle!:hysteric:
  2. did you buy it :O
  3. 20 oz. that's not that big is it? either way, its rediculous! lol but give me an idea of how big that bottle is....
  4. that is as ridiculous as that bottle of perfume katie holmes bought for her wedding at least the juicy one come with a crown! lol

    but yeah $3000 for perfume?! no way!! i'll buy a bag and a pair of choos for that money lol
  5. Sooo dumb...Juicy is totally overpricing themselves:sad: Yuck!!

    Not going to buy 3000 perfume so I can smell like every junior high school girl!! LOL
  6. wow so this is real thats reallly how much it costs> thats a joke?
  7. I'm going to call my fragrance SA at Nordies and find out for sure.
  8. 20 oz. of perfume - yikes. That' would take forever to use up. Yech. Can't stand perfume. $3000?!? - they'd have to pay me to wear it!
  9. $3,000 for juicy perfume :confused1:
  10. twenty ounces?! that's like a two and a half bottles of bath and body works body spray. or one of those HUGE costco bottles of olay complete body wash. who uses that much perfume before it goes bad?? let alone that much juicy perfume? i've had a one ounce bottle of pure parfum that's lasted me almost a year and a half. it's the fragrance i wear every day (although i usually choose the EDP and save the parfum for night). it's about to turn i'm sure, and i'll need to throw about half out.

    that price sounds about right though, for the amount and the fact that it's parfum and not EDT or EDP. i just don't know who likes the juicy perfume that much. :yucky:

    ETA: the 1 oz of parfum is this 20 oz one is actually a steal. Juicy Couture Parfum - Fragrance -
  11. ahhh thanks for clarifying Ilzabet!
  12. It's official. Juicy Couture lost it's mind.
  13. 20 oz is alot of parfume. + isnt parfume the real stuff opposed to perfume de etoillet or whatever it is LOL
  14. who would ever need 20oz of perfume?????? aren't most perfume bottles less than 1 oz???
  15. I have always said that Juicy is kinda bleahh. Look at their dreaded and fugly bags! It's everyone's horror film come to life. It's like what a gay Freddy will carry!