This hand me down Bottega bag - take it or leave it?

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Take it?

  1. Yes

    22 vote(s)
  2. No

    4 vote(s)
  1. My husband's aunt offered to give me this bag, which I looked up and it's the "Yolk Paille Intreccio Sfrangiato Nappa Bag" worn by Anna Della Russo. Found in this thread -

    Should I take it or leave it? I think it's from 2010 and obviously a seasonal, trendy piece versus one of the classic Bottegas like the knot clutch. Then again, it's a free designer bag and I could wear it occasionally as a pop of color.
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  2. If you think you’ll wear it, even occasionally, why not take it? It would be cute for spring/summer. ‍♀️
  3. Of course, if you like it. It seems to be a very special bag, I personally like it very much. And anyway, most of Bottega’s styles works good also after ten or fifteen years, so...:smile:
  4. It's a pretty bag! If you think you will use it, adopt it and give it a good home.
  5. Go for it, The fact that it is your Husband's Aunt offering it to you makes it more special .Perfect for Spring and Summer !
  6. What do you know about its authenticity?
  7. Please post authentication requests and questions in the official authentication thread. Thank you for following our BV protocol.
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    You misunderstood my comment. I was addressing the OP, asking if she knew whether or not the bag in question is authentic, per her question about whether or not to take the bag. I am not asking for authentication.
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  9. OK, got it.
  10. I don’t believe this bag looks dated at all. BV is still somewhat niche and most people have no clue that this is a bag from 2010. This is a great bag and a generous gift from your husband’s aunt.
  11. Take it. Be thankful. BV styles don't change that much. And the color is great for summer/ spring.
  12. I have one Belly bag in Ebano. I really like that style. Mine is a large and suits my frame well, and I really like the E-W look. If you like it, and know you will use the bag, definitely accept it. And if you are not 100 percent sure of authenticity, do please post in the authentification thread. All the info you need to know in order to post is on page one of that thread.
  13. Ooo! I'd love to own this bag myself! Such a cute style! What color is the one you are offered?
  14. I’d take it!