THIS GUY NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN!! LV and other fakes!

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  1. i found this guy on facebook
    selling DISGUSTING fakes.
    no way lv would ever make tacky looking 2 colour vernis wallets like that!!!/album.php?aid=73119&id=698150131&page=2

    i have contacted all the brands there were made fake (chanel, dior, lv, prada, etc)
    but only chanel and lv replied, saying thank you and they would address the problem.
    that was nearly 4 months ago. and i have not heard from them since...

    p.s. i know this is the lv forum and there are many bags involved.
    but LV FAKES!!! GRRRRR!!!
  2. :rtr: we're not supposed to link to fakes!
  3. oops!
    SORRY! i didn't know.
    i'm new. :sad:
    but he makes me so angry!
  4. I completely agree!
  5. Maybe tell facebook.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.