This Guy Just Might Be Crazy !

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    Kevin Richardson is a lion handler and keeper at the Johannesburg Lion Park in South Africa who likes a more hands on apporach with his animals.
    Instead of a whip and a stool or a long metal stick to poke them, he plays, strokes, hugs and evens sleeps with the lions

    I have a feeling that we’re going to have a follow up story in about 6 months about a formerly brazen Zoo Keeper who was killed by the teeth and claws of the animals he loved.

    Splashnews !
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  3. Awwww but lions are such huggable creatures :heart:
  4. What a goof.
  5. Beautiful cats!
  6. I wouldnt do it...but they sure are cute!
  7. yeah, like that bear-guy who turned into lunch . . . sheesh.
  8. While it's super cute, I have to agree, if he keeps it up he will most likely end up being dinner. Hopefully that is not the case though.
  9. Male lions scare me! They're huge!
  10. lions are cute... in a scary way...
  11. That female's lion's tongue is LONG!:wtf: It covers his whole forehead and thensome.