This **!!@#@$$$ Gauffre Satchel !!

  1. Arghhhhhh !!!
    So, I've had the bag out 4 days now and today was the first long walk around NYC day and drat it -- I'm really not loving the shoulder strap. I haven't had shoulder/bag pain in ages -- all my other bags fit over my shoulder but higher up so I can support them with my arm I guess.
    I love how the bag looks -- but how in heavens name do all of you wear this bag when you're doing some serious walking around -- it bangs against my butt or my hips and ... sorry to be so neurotic but -- I do need some suggestions from experienced "gauffre with shoulder strap" carriers. Should I wear it lower ?? (I've got the strap as short as possible as lower felt even worse).
    I must add, I have the dearest husband in the world. He volunteered to carry the bag for me (or ... maybe there's something about him I need to know ?? nah),
    told me it's beautiful ... he's being rather amazingly supportive.:confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. you may try wearing it higher... probably a cobbler could help you punch a few more holes on the strap..
  3. Hi Jenskar...

    I've got the same shape bag in the Antic Cervo - and I use it with the shoulder strap too - sometimes it can be annoying because the bag is on it's own program dodging back and forth if you're walking quickly. I've noticed it's almost like it's rocking a baby to sleep. I started carrying it on my arm with the strap dangling because of this. The other thing I usually do is cross-body it and that sometimes helps.

    I have a gauffre with a strap too and the gauffre is not east/west shape but more square and I prefer that one over all my bags. It pretty much sits tight on your hip and doesn't budge. I think the east west shape tends to be a bit more like a pendulum.
  4. Can i ask if the thicker design shoulder strap work better than the thin one ?
  6. Thicker would have to be better -- I think I just have to resign myself to knowing this is not an every day bag on big walking days (the napa finish is fragile enough anyway to make that a silly thing to do).

    I'm hesitant to mutilate it with extra holes :sad: Pad -- I think you're right, it's just got a mind of its own and I instinctively ended up doing that cradling baby thing by the time we got to MOMA last night.
  7. I Hear ya on the 'pendulum'.....I'm glad I caught this post....I noticed to that when I'm booking along at a good clip that bag certainly has movememnt!!! When it happens I rest my hand on the bag where the strap attaches....I guess I look like I'm posing when I'm walking lol but screw least the bag won't move....I carry it alot on my arm too though..I baby that bag b/c of the leather...Very delicate...I have the e/w and can see Pad's point about the n/s gauffres..Those suckers are HUGE and I BET they stay put!!!
  8. I'm more of an arm carrier, myself... I agree, Emmy, I baby this puppy, too!

    Haven't carried the blowler yet though... anyone have swinging problems with the bowler??
  9. I don't have this style but the hobo and I had a shoe repairman add two holes. This made it hit higher where it could somewhat mold against my body. Don't be afraid to experiment with length. The holes appear exactly the same as the original ones.
  10. I've got the thicker strap (hate it because it's canvas)but it does do the trick - not so much swinging around!
    I usually end up either wearing the bag cross body which, with my chest, isn't the most flattering look in the world, or carrying it with the strap dangling.
    I've got the e/w satchel and it was supposed to be my summer bag but I'm using my LV denim baggy pm far more because I can sling it over my shoulder.
  11. I have had bags with a thin (N/S shape) and thick strap (E/W and N/S shapes) - in all cases, the bags hit me in the hip area when I walk and my blush colored gaufre now has a nice blue tint as a result. Of all the shapes, the leg banging is most tolerable for me with the bowler. :smile:
  12. Looks like leg banging is just part of the penalty you pay for trotting around with these gorgeous bags. Thanks for the info on the extra holes pursemania -- I'll try that. Right now, she's in her sleeper waiting for some cooler weather. It is definitely cloth bag season right now !!
  13. You lot are killing me - cooler weather???
    It's July, it's the UK and it's b****y cold, wet and grey! Swap you any day......
  14. off topic but, loved Bath sarajane -- one of the first "out of US" towns I ever travelled to.
    I got lucky that year and it was hot and sunny all down the coast to Cornwall.

  15. Jenskar, Bath is great and I try not to take it for granted as it is beautiful and the shops are pretty good too! You were lucky getting sunny weather, my last trip to Cornwall was 2 weeks of solid rain! Hope you're getting on with your bag now and have found a way to carry it without all that bumping....