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  1. what do you do when you get this message? return a phone call? make a sandwich? file your nails? I personally play solitaire and free I a geek or what?
  2. I am a real geek so I just wait!
  3. I hate when you get the "try again in 3" message.
    I mean really, what's the point?
  4. lol! I hate when I get those little messages!
  5. I just keep refreshing.:lol:

    Just kidding.

    I revamp my resume while I wait.:yes:
  6. I just wait and count to myself.
  7. Ladies, the server's are melting as is, we don't need ya'll searching maniacs to put any more stress on it.

    There's a good reason that there's a search delay in place. :yes:
  8. we know Vlad. just coming up with new innovative ways to pass the time!
  9. i sing a song in my head.. haha no i usually have another window open so i go do something ont hat
  10. I want to smash the little elves that are the search engine.
    I just open a new window and look at eBay stuff that I know I want but I don't need.
  11. Same :yes:
  12. We love you Vlad, we just like to complain & amuse ourselves as well.

  13. yes vlad, please don't increase my wait time!:lol:
  14. :lol:
    :lol: For sure, please don't.

    I'm just sayin' by the time the 3 second message pops up .......three seconds are over :lol: just tickled me.

  15. yes and Vlad, could you input a soundbite of "The Girl From Ipanema" playing while we wait?:lol:
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