this forum more chatty...

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  1. i just noticed that this Tokidoki forum has more posts than the Bottega, Burberry, & Yves Saint Lauren forums. I'm guessing we're more passionate about this brand than they are about theirs right now...

    interesting fact...
  2. :party: cool :yahoo:
  3. We are excitable just like the toki prints!! lol
  4. Also the fact that when we have conversations in this forum it can actually get off topic. :p That's why I like it here and stay b/c the people are nice and we go beyond tokidoki prints sometimes.
  5. i agree..haha..lets replay of what i remembered...hmm we talked about tattoos (and its cool that one of the members actually got one!!)....sanrio things..videogames.. :biggrin: my bf actually freaks out that i always come to the forum haha...ive been on other forums but this is the only i ever post lots on :biggrin:
  6. Yeah, LV people probably (hopefully!) don't get LV tattoos very often. :biggrin:
  7. I noticed that too! Yay, for us :yahoo:
  8. Its because we're AWESOME!!!:wlae:
  9. Also, the merchandise moves so much faster. Once the season is over, they are gone and the search for stuff we missed out on begins. Therefore we have to keep up with what's new.
  10. ITA!!

    Plus, tokidoki bags are around $100, not $1000!!!! yay for me... and my wallet! :graucho:
  11. haha yah but even though they're around $ wallet is still suffering! lolz but its ok!
  12. Yeah, so we can buy 10 things instead of one!
  13. Since we all like toki, we know how to have fun and chat it up :p haha~
  14. I think it's also due to the fact that tokidoki has cute characters and each season is really different... not putting down the other bags but a lot of them just repeat letters over and over again or their brand name.
  15. i think its because WE ROCK!! And it doesnt hurt that we can buy tons more toki stuff than say LV because of the price difference! :biggrin: