This forum is trouble! :)

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  1. I've just spent over an hour looking through the thread where you all show off your bags. Now my want list is about five bags long:lol:
    Waiting on my very first purchase. A mono speedy b 30.
    Can't wait. :biggrin:
  2. Its same with me too. When I have decided to be content with those lv's I have I see other membersdo some reveal I get hooked and get obsessed. So is dangerous beeing in here:P:P:P:cool:
  3. This is a dangerous place for sure but it's fun to see all the wonderful reveals and in action shots.
  4. Can't wait for your reveal.... Welcome to the beginning of the best addiction of your life.
  5. Only an hour? Psht, lightweight.
  6. lol!!
  7. the mono speedy b 30 is a perfect choice. i've been carrying that bag all week and it is wonderful. you will love its versatility and it is so beautiful, especially once it gets a little tan going . congrats!
  8. LOL! Totally agree.

    Welcome, OP!
  9. She's new, she's gotta build up her stamina. Don't want her getting lightheaded or anything. :biggrin:
  10. That's #1 on my list too. I'm going to get it in Paris next week. I'm so excited!! :yahoo:
  11. :giggles:

    Well, the upside is looking at everyone's beautiful reveals....
    the downside is narrowing down your ever growing wish list!
  12. Lol it crazy here :smile:

  13. I know exactly what you
  14. Very dangerous indeed!
  15. :lol: Can't wait to see your reveal OP!