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  1. thing I have found to a "Bag buyers anonymous" group. Of course only the premier designer bags will fill the need for those of us who are afflicted!!! I really have to stay out of Saks!
  2. haha werd, I totally need a 12 step plan or something. Considering buying another Chanel this week :lol:
  3. Omg, I totally didn't find this husband did. He's into music and guitars so he's always on those forums...I joked around telling him that I need to find a purse forum or a celebrity forum so he googled and found this one. I'm so glad he did! Yeah...this is totally my therapy for shopping addiction. =)
  4. Welcome yall are in the right place , but if ur tryin to quit , u b able to : ) not here
  5. I just bought a Chanel at the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace in Vegas - then came home and fell in love with a Be&D bag at Saks which was another huge ticket - Somebody stop me!!!!