This forum is making me crazy

  1. All day I've been obsessing over Batignolles Vertical:shocked: Never paid it any mind before, just today starting thinking about them, now I want one. I also been looking at wapities:weird: All of a sudden I want a Batignolles Vertical and a wapity for no reason, Oh boy. Does this happen to any of you:confused1: This place is bad business. I don't even think I want a Cabas Piano anymore. :shrugs: I also miss my speedy (gave to sister). Now I've been looking at speedies on ebay. What sense does that make, even though I told myself a billion times I don't like hand held bags. It's just because it's a speedy I guess, I think I'm going to have to stay away a while. :roflmfao:
  2. I am sorry. :shame:
  3. LOL!!! I've already gone bonkers, so you are NOT alone!!! I've on a SEVERE purse ban right now!!!
  4. Hi Vlad, didn't mean to get your attention:P You know I aint going no where I love this place:wlae:
  5. How true!! I visit at least once day and all of asudden I see someone with a bag that I didn't really think of before but after seeing all their pics I HAVE to have it. :rolleyes:
    It's a never ending obsession I tell you!:lol:
  6. We all go through it, I think.

    BTW, to help with that craziness, I love my BV! Perfect shoulder bag, IMHO.
  7. I'm actually thinking about getting my mom a bag for xmas...debating the BH, BV, piano or popincourt...any suggestions or pics of the insides of the bags? :confused1:
  8. Today my husband had to drag me to go to college football game at Stanford! He said I spend too much time here, I need a breather! and here I am again late at night!:nuts:
  9. Man, I thought I was the only one! I know for some reason now I want the Cabas Mezzo, I don't even know when I started liking that bag! I know this place is driving me crazy! But, I can't leave, because I don't want to!
  10. I agree! I never even thought about owning a speedy until i joined the forum and noticed how lovely everyone's speedies were!! Then I had to have one and now I own a damier speedy 30 and LOVE IT.

    I even went as far as not logging on to the tPF for about two weeks, thinking I would not be so LV obsessed but it did not matter because I ended up purchasing a pochette wallet last week! soforgetaboutit! i'm back!!! and never will i do that to myself again!!! it was really really tough staying away from tPF cuz I love it here! and it's really really hard cuz there is a shortcut right on my shortcut bar!!!!:sweatdrop:
  11. Yeah, my husband just complain a min ago that I keep looking at purse all the time, it is very addicted!!! I just bought 2 chanel purses in 1 month and it was the most expensive items that I have purchased, and now I'm starting to buy a Dior purse.
  12. Hey psycho pat, welcome back:yahoo:
  13. I just finished lurking:sneaky: in the Noe club, :graucho: I'm gone off the deep end:upsidedown:
    Somebody stop me:nuts:
  14. thank you bagfreak and it feels good to be back!!! :biggrin: I was seriously having tPF withdraw!! :nuts:

    kimlee, my hubby did the same thing!! he just came up from behind me and said, are you on there again??!!?? hehehe :yes:
  15. I know exactly what you mean. This site is not only addictive, but also very influencial. I never thought about carrying a handheld handbag before but after seeing everyone's favorite LV, you start telling yourself, "maybe carrying a handheld isn't so bad after all!" :s I also never thought about having a Damier pattern before, but again this site, convience me that it's a must have! This site is like getting addictive to drugs! :nuts: It's so BAD for you, but in a good way! :flowers: