This Forum is getting soooo busy!!

  1. :party: I love it, but it's getting hard to keep up! :yahoo:
    Welcome all new posters to the chanel Forum!:rochard:
  2. Hehehe I know! I remember when it was rarely updated! And now it goes sooo fast! Loves it ;)
  3. You are so right! At the begining I used to take a pick at other sub-forums but now I dont have the time to do it!
  4. I'm all over the place, but I'm starting to find myself here a lot.
  5. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that Chanel has some great new fall bags. (Plus all the great classics, of course!) :yes:
  6. Everyone wants one Chanel.
  7. they do have an AMAZING fall collection, and from what I've been told... a great CRUISE COLLECTION as well
  8. After getting my first chanel, I have been hooked! I love to know what's out there now. I have noticed more traffic here when you see how many people are reading the sub-forum
  9. My SA and I were talking about this a few days ago . . .
    this F/W is SOOOO fabulous!!!

    Even in some of the other brands, like Gucci and Prada, GREAT F/W!!
  10. I'm looking to buy my first Chanel bag (just trying to save up, I've been clothes shopping a lot recently so it's not been very successful), so all of these forum posts are fantaastic to help me see pics and choose which one I want!
    It is getting a bit confusing tho, with so many threads and the new season comin in with new styles. Any ideas for me?
  11. You should start a new thread about it, include colors or styles you prefer! ;)
  12. I am having so much fun here! I am also loving the F/W bags... I thought I was so done for fall when I purchased one black and one brown Chanel tote. I am a bit afraid that I was very wrong...I plan to go to NM Chanel today and the boutique tomorrow...and maybe BH next week...bad, very bad...
  13. Wow I have alot of catching up to do!! We went to the beach this weekend for our "Gotcha Day" celebration (This is what we call the anniversary date of the day we picked Lily up from the orphanage. Ever year since then we get together with the other families that we went to China with to celebrate).
    We had a ball but I did miss my Chanel forum buddies and will spend the next hour trying to catch up!!
  14. we miss YOU! Get in here and chat us up! :yes:
  15. Ha..I'm not new to TPF but I'm new(er) to the Chanel forum. I used to post here awhile ago but stopped and started going to the LV one mostly. Now I'm back lol.