This forum is bad! I'm Leaving!!

  1. This forum is so addicting!

    its bad for me!

    i havent started on my History project yet, so im gonna be

    off the forum for awhile ....

    If I dont get good grades im not getting that Birkin OR bolide for my sixteenth :crybaby:

    I'll be on when my project is done...

    if anyone sees me on here please tell me to get back to work!

    i really cant stop :Push:

    if i dont get a good grade whos gonna snatch up the lindy and the victoria:love:
  2. Work hard, work work work
  3. ok so i cannot click the x button on the screen i will have to force myself....

    thanks whispa!
  4. Go Study!!!
  5. Have a productive study----remember there will always be new Hermes here LOL
  6. hee hee - get back to work!!! we'll be here when you get back ... ;)