This forum is bad for me! ToO Much SPENDING!!

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  1. lol. so i joined the agenda club the other day (like last week) when i got my monogram groom agenda in the looking through i fell in love with the monogram koala agenda in rose and now im buying it!!!!!

    geez. do i really need 2 agendas???? its just soo pretty i have to have it. :wtf:

    lol. this forum mixed with my compulsive shopping is sooo bad! and i just got approved for another credit card. :graucho:

    why dont i have any self control!?!?!?!?!?!:push:
  2. i know, i got the groom too recently and now i want a vernis agenda! sigh... and i just bought a wapity. i need to take a break :p
  3. You are not the only one! As I see forum members' nice stuffs, I just keep wanting more and more. I just got a Mono Ludlow Wallet yesterday and now I want something in Epi and Vernis. It's never ending! I better have self control, otherwise I will be broke soon.
    : (
  4. TPF definently adds temptation!
  5. *sigh* tooo much. too fast. ive got bills! geez! lol. well i will have 2 lovely agendas to keep them in lol!
  6. Lovely.
  7. lol.
  8. i KNEW
    since I join this forum....i bought more than 10s LV items
  9. i know what you mean! i've just joined recently and find myself wanting to buy soo many things
  10. :graucho: :graucho: :graucho: Vachetta little girl.............
  11. Yep the forum is dangerous
  12. :smile: that's because the agenda's are gorgeous!! and useful :biggrin: itsabagslife and I are getting matching ones!
  13. yes tpf is evil! lol but can't get enough of it
  14. I'm trying to have some self-control...but I know what you mean...when I first joined I went on a rampage and bought like 10 bags in two months...and 21 things since I joined.
  15. Yes, it's bad. Since I joined in October, I've purchased a Chloe Betty, a Fendi Spy, LV Groom Agenda, LV Groom Cles (well, that was an xmas present), Damier Speedy 30 and Damier Chelsea tote. Gotta stop now!

    Here's my public service announcement: Pay for everything with cash! Do not charge up your credit cards! You will regret it later even if you have a closetful of pretty stuff!