This forum is baaaaaddd influence on me.......

  1. I swear, this forum does my savings no good.....
    I'm supposed to be on purseban but really cannot help it.
    In just a matter of 2 months, I have gone from just 1 LV to 5 LV's
    DH is no help either........He just never says no to me:tender:

    Meet my new baby........
    A Damier Papillon 26:yahoo: :wlae:
    IMG_0613 (Small).JPG IMG_0618 (Small).JPG
  2. Awww congrats!! Great choice!!! It looks gorgeous in the damier!
  3. i feel your pain....
  4. OOOooooo....Congrats it's such a beauty!
  5. Congrats!!!!:yahoo: It's a it when they never say NO :graucho: :P
  6. Gongrats it´s a beauty!

    I hear what your saying about the influence :rolleyes: All I see is good deals everywhere!
  7. I love it!! I think the papillon looks best in damier...congrats!!
  8. congrats girl....its beautiful...
  9. love it. its a beauty. and if you realise it... im getting the papillon 26 soon too. jhhehehee

  10. conragrats girl!!!!!!!!!!! now u're really pushing me into getting one for myselF!!!! but i just wished they had a pap 27.5 or something..
  11. another cute one!!! congrats!!!
  12. wowwww ...lovely bag ....congrat!!!!
  13. Thank you all fellow bag addicts:love::flowers:

    Hi Rensky, I think the 26 is the perfect size, for me that is. I'm only 5'1" BTW, weight fluctuating at 95 to 100lbs.(I'm severely hormonal nowadays).:angel: :devil: :death:
    Hope you get one soon, I'm sure you'll love it:flowers:
  14. Bans never work.. just give in ! :graucho:

    Congrats !
  15. :true: Bans are like diets...always there but never *REALLY* there...

    But hey, it's a great lift on your ban - gorgeous bag...well worth it!