This forum is addicting and you are all ENABLERS!

  1. When I bought my first LV bag--an Ellipse PM--my DH said, "I thought you hated those things! You made fun of my sister for carrying one." I said, "I made fun of your sister for carrying a fake one. Now leave me alone!" He was right, though, I used to hate seeing all of the monograms around, but then one day I saw a real ellipse and fell in love and now that we have a little bit more money, I have become obsessed! Just in the last two months I have bought: A Viva Cite GM, Black MC Pochette, Silver Graffiti Pochette, Black MC Cozy Purse, damier compact Zip Wallet, and a black Epi Mabillon! I sold the initial Ellipse and a mini sac to fund some of the purchases, and my DH jokes that he pays me in handbags for typing up his invoices. I thought I would be satisfied with these purchases, but since I have found this forum and looked at some of your pictures, I want more. It's like handbag porn! :wlae:

    Speaking of handbag porn, doesn't this Suhali look like it's doing a striptease?

    eBay: Authentic Louis Vuitton Suhali Blue Le Talentueux MINT (item 220018048158 end time Aug-23-06 12:14:29 PDT)
  2. Oh geez. i wish that Suhali bag was white. I'm loving the white suhali thanks to PF'ers pics :yes:
  3. are on fire!!! Well done!!

    LOL..nice stripper..
  4. You're so right, it *is* like porn! And we're all perverts :graucho:
  5. totally looks like a strip tease!!
  6. lol, bag perverts, my dh agrees:shame:
  7. This thread is cracking me up!!!:lol:
  8. :lol: It's all true!!
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao:Your right about that bag and this forum. Everyone here is an enabler! :graucho:
  10. with the forum, the items on my wishlist is increasing at an alarming rate.
  11. since i've joined (i think a month now?), i've added 3 more to my collection and i'm eyeballing 3 on eBay.. and 3 more on my upcoming trip.. this is terrible!!!
  12. soooo true!!! i've got 7 bags in less than 4 months since ive joined the pf.
  13. Yay, I love fellow addicts ! :biggrin:
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