This flap or Classic M/L flap?

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  1. I saw this 14C caviar flap today and really fell in love with it! I didn't think I liked caviar, but seeing how it looked with my typical casual attire made me think it would be a perfect everyday bag. I also love the dark hardware (matches with my new Valentino rockstuds!) and the pocket with magnetic snap on the inside front of the bag (fits my Note 3 perfectly). I have the bag on hold and was just wondering what other tPF-ers thought:

    Should I go for a M/L classic flap instead, even though I like the smaller size of this one? However, the classic flap does have the leather interior, which I like.

    When is it better to stick with the tried and true classics vs. a seasonal bag that you love? I don't have an everyday black bag, so this will be my primary one. If I don't get it, I may not be able to in the future...but I can always get a classic, right? Help! :smile:

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  2. Classic first!
  3. I think you should always get what you like, and it does NOT have to be the classic. The Chanel Classic Flap is always gonna be there and theres no rush in getting one in the future if you do still want one. Go with what makes your heart sing :smile:
  4. Hi Princess Cyprus! I think I remember your having an extensive Chanel collection (hope I'm not making that up). If so then go for this one. Sounds like you love it. :smile:. If you had no other Chanels and wasn't planning on buying more then this might be a harder decision.
  5. i really like that one. i agree with the previous post that classics will always be around (although possibly more expensive) and if you love a seasonal, pick it up now!

    i wanted a classic mini, but when i saw the zipper on the easy caviar flap i fell in love! go for it!
  6. You seem to really love this bag (and it's nice), I say go for it!:smile:
  7. I would buy the bag on the picture now and get the classic flap later (it is always available :smile:). It is a more practical everyday bag than the classic IMO.
  8. Thanks for your input, emjetz! I do love the classics and am waiting for the fuchsia mini to arrive. I just love this one, though. :smile:
  9. That is great advice, bagness: "go with what makes your heart sing." Seeing this seasonal flap for the first time did just that...completely unexpectedly! :smile:
  10. Oh no, nycmamaofone...I only have a white vintage kelly w/diagonal stitching, a black hobo w/tassel and a brown double sided flap. Waiting on my fuchsia lamb mini, which will be my first classic. (Oops, now I realize that I do have a black everyday bag, but the hobo tassel is too big for me, which is why I don't use it everyday!) I actually don't want/need to buy anymore Chanels after getting a black one and a red one. At least that's what I'm sticking to for now! :smile:
  11. Looks like we did something similar, swally...wanting a classic, but falling in love with an alternative! I guess if I do get this one, I will still have a classic in my collection when miss fuchsia arrives! :smile:
  12. Thank you, blackquilt! I think I'm definitely leaning towards going for it! :smile:
  13. Chanbal, your words of wisdom are so helpful: "it is a more practical everyday bag than the classic." I think I am convinced on going with my heart, instead of my brain. :smile:

    Thank you all for your help, I really appreciate the advice and it's well taken! :smile:
  14. Sounds like you really love the seasonal bag.... Go with your gut, go with what you love! The classics will always be there. And by the way you describe it, sounds like the classics seem almost a lil too popular for your tastes...and you like this bag a lot and it fits your essential it has classic elements about it but with a twist.... I think it's a no brainer to me... Good luck deciding!
  15. It's a beautiful bag!!
    May I know how much is it?