This fits in Toiletry 15

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  1. Hi!

    I didn't find any topics about this, so I hope this is useful to somebody!

    This little pouch fits a lot of stuff! I have my tinted moisturiser, sample primer, sample mascara, eyeliner, brow pencil, eye shadow, concealer, lip liner, small lipstick, normal size lipstick and eye makeup remover wipes. They all fit perfectly and the zip closes fine!

  2. This is helpful!
    I actually looked for a thread about this a week ago.
    Would you say that a normal size mascara gets in there?
  3. Thank you for this really helpful post. I could never ever have guessed how much that tiny pouch could fit! :cool:

  4. Before I bought this I looked PF too! I'm glad this was helpful! [emoji4] My Full size mascara fits in perfectly!

  5. It's amazing how much stuff you can put in! I also put my tweezers in![emoji4]

  6. Thank you! :smile:
  7. Amazing!
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  9. Thanks for the pictures and info. It is very helpful. The 15 size is so useful, and super cute and light for putting in bags.
  10. Thxs for this post! I couldn't find much info on this piece before ordering it. I am waiting on mine to arrive on Tues!
  11. This piece is so LoVely.
    Can't get enough :heart:
  12. Would you say that this piece is larger or about the same capacity as the mini pochette accessoires?
  13. very helpful. Thank you!
  14. Thanks for sharing what fits in the toiletry 15 size. I've been thinking about getting one to go with my Alma bb.

  15. Saw a comparison video, I think it's a smidge larger than the mini pouchette, the base is wider. I have a MP but am always afraid to dirty it so I prefer this having a lining.
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